Transform Your Mess Into Your Message – February 6 Inspiration

Transform Your Mess Into Your Message – February 6 Inspiration

Mess to message. Have you ever thought about how our past experiences, for good or bad, can actually transform into a form of encouragement or a life lesson in our present, for us and for others? My Dad used to call these “lessons of life,” and I went on to use the same phrase and concept with my own kids. It’s usually hard to believe anything positive will come out of a difficult situation when we’re in the midst of it, but if we can strive to learn and apply the lesson, it can transform our lives.




Here’s your Saturday inspiration…

“I encourage people to let go of their past,

but never to run from it.

The only way to gain victory over the pain of our past

is to let God walk us back through

that doorway of pain and into victory.

No one can achieve victory for us;

we have to work out own salvation.

We have to let God take us through things

and let Him work in us

so our mess becomes our message.

Difficult things that we have endured in our past

prepare us for God’s blessings in our future.”

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”


My reflections:

I know this process is real, as I’ve experienced it many times in my life. I’ve had many messes in my life that have become messages to share with others!

The best physical analogy I can think of regarding pain leading to victory is my thumb surgery last year. It was painful, it required a long recovery, yet that process was necessary to alleviate the pain of the advanced arthritis, bone spurs, and bone fragments in the base of my thumb. I had to go through that process to regain full use of my thumb, and use it without pain.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Have you experienced “lessons of life” that transformed your messes to your messages? Do you agree that pain eventually leads to victory?


Our Pups, Desi and Zoe.
               Our Pups, Desi and Zoe.

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  1. I’ve started doing this approach in some of my recent posts. I did it today in fact about not being present in my children’s photos. Providential that you posted about doing just that!
    Patricia recently posted..Product Review: HaaKaa Silicone Breast PumpMy Profile

    1. I’ve experienced many life lessons that transformed my messes into messages. Absolutely agree that pain eventually leads to victory. Most were relationships related.

  2. Growing up with a father who had suffered a traumatic brain injury before I was born, taught me lessons that better allow me to advocate for my husband’s younger brother, who is developmentally disabled. Experiencing my own pain with an arthritic knee, sciatica and back pain (and having balance problems) have helped me also (I hope) advocate better for my elderly mother in law, who also suffers from some of these issues.
    Alana recently posted..Weekly Blog Roundup #4My Profile

  3. i think that pain can lead to victory because i have heard testimonies from many people where their pain led them to the Lord
    michelle recently posted..Popcorn Treat PopsMy Profile

  4. I would love to think that everything that we go through is an opportunity to learn or improve. I’ve had many of these “messes” that turned into lessons.

  5. Thanks for sharing this with us. It really makes me inspired

  6. I think we have all been there at one point or another!

  7. I heard that phrase for the first time many many years ago by yes, Joyce Meyer, and that has been my living ever since. That’s why I host and write a blog and everything that I do to share the story.
    Claudette recently posted..Happy Birthday To Me!My Profile

  8. Our messes can definitely become messages. We have to allow ourselves to learn from our mistakes. Sometimes it takes a lot to get to that point. But it’s definitely possible.
    Jenn Peters recently posted..10 Frugal Ways To Save Money In 2016My Profile

  9. Often our past problems and misfortunes teach us the most. If everything went right we’d never learn anything.

  10. I have seen where bad situations in my past was leading to great blessings!

  11. Another inspiring post. This is really a helpful message for me

  12. Sometimes the only way to really learn a lesson is the hard way. It is what we do with the lesson that counts.

  13. Yes, this quote is on point!

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