Three Things Thursday – April 30 Devotions on Stress, Boundaries, and Overcoming Sorrow

Three Things Thursday – April 30 Devotions on Stress, Boundaries, and Overcoming Sorrow

It’s the last day of April – WOW!! It’s also Thursday, and that means: 3 Things Thursday again! 🙂

So once again I’ll tell you about two other things before adding my third and usual “thing” for the day: your daily devotions.  Another shout-out to my fellow blogger, Salma, of The Write Balance, who participates in this “Three Things Thursday” linkup every week.


3 Things Thursday
3 Things Thursday!


Thursday Thing #1. **More sewing!**

Yes, since my other business is K-Lee’s Kreations, I do get excited about having the chance to do more sewing. I actually look at sewing as my own special brand of therapy, and believe me–I **NEED** that therapy more often than I have had the time for it recently!

So I’m really striving to make time for it everyday, even if only for an hour or two. This is important not only for business orders, but also so I can complete personal projects for family and friends. My hubby even noticed and has mentioned that I seem happier when I sew regularly! 🙂


Thursday Thing #2. **COUPONS!!**

This is so cool!! Part of my recent marketing and advertising opportunity that I started last month includes having COUPONS for my business!! I think most people LOVE to save money–and if it helps them to be able to order customized products, then it’s even better. Here are a couple of the coupons I’m featuring:






The way these would work is that anybody who’s interested could email the coupon with an order and I would apply the discount, and then invoice for the reduced price. The coupons would be accepted at any of my three sites:

K-Lee’s Kreations (main site)

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Thursday Thing #3. **Devotions!** 

Yes, devotions, of course, since sharing devotional and inspirational thoughts are among the main purposes of this blog. Remember, too , you can read Psalms and Proverbs to accompany each day on my page, Daily Scripture Readings. AND you have an opportunity on my newest page to put compassion into action–whether through praying, sharing the linked causes, and/or donating.





“As human beings, you and I are built to handle a normal amount of stress. The problem comes when we push ourselves beyond our limitations, beyond what we were intended to bear without permanent damage.


If you become sick as a result of running your body down by pushing it beyond the limits God set for you to operate in good health, you need rest as well as prayer to restore your health. The boundaries He has set for us are for our own good.”


–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”



“No sorrow leaves you where it found you. You are going to get bitter or you are going to get better…turn around, leave bitterness behind, run to your Father’s outstretched arms, and find His dream for your life.


Release your hurts, stop focusing on what is lost, and concentrate on what is left. It is time to return to the ‘God of all comfort’ and surrender to His love (see 2 Corinthians 1:3).


Life moves forward. Don’t expect things to go back  to normal. They won’t. You have the opportunity to create a new normal, a new and better life–but you can’t do it alone. God WILL see you through this valley of yours if you will allow Him to. And when you come through, you will have something powerful to say about God’s love and faithfulness.” 


–Dr. Tim Clinton in “Turn Your Life Around” 


-1- Ah yes, this is something I still need to do better. I routinely take on too much, get stressed out and sick, and then basically force myself to rest and recuperate! Boundaries…just remember that!


-2- Again…have to focus on the positive, not allow sorrow and difficulties overwhelm me. Especially need to remember that line: You’re going to get bitter or you’re going to get better!  I’d much rather get better than get or stay bitter!


So what are YOUR thoughts?


Do you tend to do too much, and end up stressed and sick, until you’re forced to take a break, one way or another?


Are you struggling with sorrow and difficulties, or know someone who is? How do you work on being better, not bitter?





13 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday – April 30 Devotions on Stress, Boundaries, and Overcoming Sorrow

  1. This was wonderful! I think I was meant to post today in Blogger’s Corner in order to find you. I SO needed your devotionals. Thank you for lifting me up. Please know you helped another person today.

    Sewing? I loved watching my grandmother sew. She used to sew my Barbie clothing. I have no knack for it but love to knit, so I know how you feel about making time for it. Yup. It’s important.

    Thanks again…
    Cathy Chester recently posted..Upcoming Film: The Female Painter Who Faces Life’s Challenges Through Her ArtMy Profile

  2. I tend to dwell on things. As I sit home alone most days. i don’t get out of the home much. Only vehicle is my boyfriends and he is gone all the time. I get lonely, Which leads me thinking to much. Hard not to dwell when I’m lonely. I take to prayer when I am not scanning the internet to read.
    Sandy Segur recently posted..Wordless Wednesday #5My Profile

  3. Hi, it’s so nice to find your blog through 3TT! One of my goals is to learn sewing… SOMEDAY!! I really need to get on that… I use to be able to do the basics, but now I think I’m so out of practice that I’ve even forgotten that!
    I also loved your devotions. I think the one that resonated with me the most was… “you are either going to get bitter or get better”. I definitely needed that reminder to get better today!

  4. I regularly take on too much. I just don’t know how to slow down and have often been called a workaholic. The only time I stop is when I’m ill and really physically can’t do anything. But I enjoy being busy and never regret it. I’ve learned that exercise for me helps me to unwind and destress. 30-60 minutes in the swimming pool does me wonders (and of course the sauna afterwards).
    Alexandria Gunn recently posted..100 Day Challenge Day 22: Another 26 DayMy Profile

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