1. This was wonderful! I think I was meant to post today in Blogger’s Corner in order to find you. I SO needed your devotionals. Thank you for lifting me up. Please know you helped another person today.

    Sewing? I loved watching my grandmother sew. She used to sew my Barbie clothing. I have no knack for it but love to knit, so I know how you feel about making time for it. Yup. It’s important.

    Thanks again…
    Cathy Chester recently posted..Upcoming Film: The Female Painter Who Faces Life’s Challenges Through Her ArtMy Profile

  2. I tend to dwell on things. As I sit home alone most days. i don’t get out of the home much. Only vehicle is my boyfriends and he is gone all the time. I get lonely, Which leads me thinking to much. Hard not to dwell when I’m lonely. I take to prayer when I am not scanning the internet to read.
    Sandy Segur recently posted..Wordless Wednesday #5My Profile

  3. Hi, it’s so nice to find your blog through 3TT! One of my goals is to learn sewing… SOMEDAY!! I really need to get on that… I use to be able to do the basics, but now I think I’m so out of practice that I’ve even forgotten that!
    I also loved your devotions. I think the one that resonated with me the most was… “you are either going to get bitter or get better”. I definitely needed that reminder to get better today!

  4. I regularly take on too much. I just don’t know how to slow down and have often been called a workaholic. The only time I stop is when I’m ill and really physically can’t do anything. But I enjoy being busy and never regret it. I’ve learned that exercise for me helps me to unwind and destress. 30-60 minutes in the swimming pool does me wonders (and of course the sauna afterwards).
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