1. K’Lee,
    You’ve brought up some great points about the power of words. Using words to empower people is awesome. Remembering to only say to others what you would want said to you is a good point. No one wins when we use words to hurt.

    Val 🙂

  2. Hey K.Lee, Thanks for writing this. It is such a great reminder. I usually say a lot of sarcastically “funny” stuff about others with my husband and I know that isn’t right. Words do cut like knives and so I will do better!

  3. Hey.. I found your site through the blog challenge! I see words as creative. When they leave your mouth with intent they are going to create something. Harmful intent destroys and loving intent creates. Let us all strive to be creative with our words!
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  4. There is a wonderful “story” for this concept that you may never have heard.
    Someone who termed a person a fool to his neighbor. The scholar who heard this advised the person why he was in total error and to cease such discussion. The perpetrator was also asked to write down his reasons why such a statement on a piece of onion skin (deliberately lightweight paper) was made. When he brought this to the scholar, the scholar tore up the paper into little bits and threw them out the window. As the wind picked up the pieces and spread them about, the scholar advised the person that his words were like the paper shreds being spread by the wind. And, that he should try to pick up all the pieces. When the (slanderer) replied, it was impossible because they were off to the four corners of the world, the scholar so advised him “so were your ill-chosen words”…

  5. Words are so important and yet somehow it has become very acceptable to be ‘slack’ with them…..I am constantly amazed when folk ask,”What WAS your name?” Actually I am alive and well so, “What IS your name?” would be more appropriate!

  6. I absolutely agree that words are very powerful and yet you have to be careful in every words that comes out from your mouth, other than that it destroys someone’s life and it hurts someone’s feelings. Thanks for sharing this wonderful write ups I appreciate it.
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  7. Stephanie L.

    I cannot tell you how many times I have been guilty of saying such hurtful words that you can’t take back…very damaging to relationships and the present. Then as you grow as a person, you hurt again…realizing the damage you caused and wonder how that changed the course of life or if it did…or was that the original course? Great thoughts!

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