Tearing Down or Building Up?

Tear Down …

or Build up?


I’m not sure why it is…but it seems easier to notice the bad qualities in other people than the good qualities. Likewise, other people often seem eager to criticize and point out flaws, rather than exercise some kindness and understanding. And even though each of us would rather hear kind words and encouragement over criticism, it seems to be our human nature to tear down instead of build up another person. Yet we have to remember that words are containers of power, for good or for bad!



Here’s your inspirational thought for this Sunday…

“Our fleshly (lower, sensual) nature points out flaws, weaknesses, and failures. It seems to feed on the negatives in life. It magnifies all that is wrong with people and things.

It is easy to find something wrong with everyone. But love does not expose faults–it covers them. Ask God to help you share His love with others.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”




My Reflections

This is part of my personal challenge for 2017 – to not speak or think or dwell on negative words or circumstances. By doing so, I hope to experience more peace and contentment. A close second challenge would be to exercise discernment when considering other people and their actions, and realize I don’t know the reasons behind their actions — and it’s not my place to judge them.



So What Are YOUR Thoughts?

Do you find it’s easier to look at someone’s faults rather than their strengths?

Why do you think our human nature tends to do that?


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  1. I think your personal challenge for 2017 is a great idea. There’s way too much negativity in this world these days.

  2. I really like your personal challenge.

  3. Thank you for sharing. Great quotes.
    “You never know….”
    This is so true, word are very power and should not be used carelessly. It stay on people mind for a long time and it keeps coming back with thoughts…

    I came across a say for words: it goes like this.. “words are like throw up, once it is out of the month you can never put it back where it came from” the look of this saying is disgusting but through.

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