Sweet Saturday Second Celebration – Craving Approval – January 2 Devotions

So yesterday, Saturday, January 2nd, my hubby Dave and I traveled out of state to have our second Christmas celebration with some of my family (including two adult daughters, sons-in-laws, and granddaughters!) One of the highlights (there were many with the granddaughters, who are only 1 and 3) was my middle daughter’s reaction to seeing their quilt completed— because it was originally presented in unfinished form as their wedding gift–just over 2 years ago (November 2013). I had to add two borders, and then layer and machine quilt it to complete it. But yay, it is now done! 🙂


Quilt I finally completed (from 2 years ago) for my middle daughter and son-in-law!
Quilt I finally completed (from 2 years ago) for my middle daughter and son-in-law!


So some things that can get in the way of following through and completing things are getting too comfortable with where we are, becoming stagnant, and/or being afraid to risk disapproval from people by taking action to “step out of our boats.”  Consider this thought…


“What is your place of comfort, safety, and ease?

It could be a place of misery,

but yet, somehow or other,

you’ve gotten comfortable in your own misery–

so comfortable, you wouldn’t do anything about it

even if you could.

You may have gotten addicted to dysfunction.

The sad thing is that most people

yield to the fear and remain stuck in life.

Maybe your boat consists of people who approval you crave,

who rule all of your decisions

and who bind your life to their lives.

If they approve of it, you do it,

and if they don’t like it, you don’t.

You may be so addicted

to getting your approval from other people,

you let everyone else run your life,

and you’re too afraid to confront them and stand up to them.

Are you going to sit in your miserable little boat

for the rest of your life and be unhappy?

Or are you ready to say,

‘I’ve had enough of this!

I am ready to step out with confidence

and follow God fully!'”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My reflections:

I have to admit to being one of those people who doesn’t like confrontation, and I sometimes allow situations to continue–or toxic people to remain in my life–when I should stand up and take action to change things.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you struggle with approval from others? Does it affect how you live your life?

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