1. I keep telling myself not to stress, that won’t change anything except cause an ulcer. I have a habit of holding things in, making everything seem like it’s going great until………….. I blew up. I’ve been so worried about my family and some issues that I have no control over but I still stress. I’m leaving it all in God’s hands.

  2. I believe that no life can be completely stress free. The difference is in the handling, processing and recovery from the stress. This I do well with but it is a skill that needs to constantly be honed.

  3. Elizabeth O.

    We sometimes cannot avoid stress but we can get rid of it once we start feeling it. I would often just give myself a break when I feel stressed!

  4. This month has been a great month so far, and i expect the rest will be as well. My life got a lot better when I gave up the need to control the outcome of everything. I don’t even have to right all of the time. The Peace that flows from that is so comforting. Some people are annoyed by my calm nature.
    I do not take up this blog challenge every month because I know I will be traveling some months. This month seamed like a good chance to try again. My daughter and her husband visited us for a week at Easter. I chose to spend time with them and arranged a few travel pictures to share with them. No blogs for that week.
    Next week was off to a slow start because I had to take care of some virus problems before exposing others. Then I had a run of six posts. Great, but taxes have to be filed so another week was lost. No pressure, I do what I can when it needs to be done, and being able to schedule by time/activity and not be over scheduled lets me accomodate the changes that roll through life. So now I am back on track to daily posts. The thoughts I had initially of catching up with a few days of double posts have been set aside with no regrets because I put the time I had to good use and on things that were of a higher priority to me and yielded a better return in enjoyment and satisfaction.
    This comment should count as another blog post. 🙂
    Blog on!

  5. I figured once the kids were grown and moved out I would have less stress with less to do, not true still very busy and not as organized as I should be. I think I was more organized when the kids were young than I am with them as adults. I am not sure if I will ever achieve a stress free life. There is always something going on.

  6. In today’s world, it is so easy to be overwhelmed by stress. Years ago, such as in biblical times, I suspect that (as stressful as those times were), some of those stresses may have been closer to the types of stress we were designed to handle. Now we have instantaneous communication, the Internet, 24/7 availability by cell phone, and other stresses. It’s difficult. We have to tie in the old truths about dealing with stress and adapt them to our current lives.

  7. I don’t know? Are things ever stress free? I have days when the stress is less, but I don’t think I will ever be completely stress free and I’m okay with that. If I have stress it’s because people depend on me because they trust me and that’s a good feeling <3

  8. While this might not appear relevant, after reading this it came to mind

    “When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish spurting out ink.” George Orwell.

    Stress is like the ink squirting out, due to everything making us feel exhausted and burdened until we explode either internal or externally.

  9. I so love the end quote. Indeed stress can do so much and even destroy/ ruin a relationship. But most of us are given tomorrow to improve and make it better than our yesterday.

  10. I think almost everything can stress us out but then.. there’s always good in everything so set aside the worries and live one day at a time 🙂

  11. I think we can never truly get away from stress but how we react to it is what we need to be more mindful of and wary. Stress is part of daily life but once we let it consume us, its game over.

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