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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone – June 13 Inspiration


Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone. Even reading those words, or saying them out loud, can cause anxiety and make you feel uncomfortable. I liken it to feeling all cozy and comfy under a warm quilt on a winter morning, but then the alarm goes off and you have to face the chill as you reluctantly throw the covers back. Definitely stepping out of your comfort zone then!



Here’s your Monday inspiration…


If God is asking you to step out into something

that is uncomfortable for you,

I can assure you that when you take the step of faith,

you will find Him walking right beside you.

When you want to do something,

don’t let yourself think about all the things

that could go wrong.

Be positive and think

about the exciting things that can happen.

Your attitude makes all the difference in your life.

Have a positive, aggressive, take-action attitude,

and you will enjoy your life more.

Taking action may be difficult at first,

but will be worth it in the end.

Pray: Lord, I rest in the knowledge

that where You guide, You also provide.

My one desire is to walk with You

and to always  be at Your side. Amen.” 

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My reflections:

Ahh, the whole “stepping out of your comfort zone” issue! Stepping out, trusting God, maintaining a positive attitude, and believing change is a beginning, not an ending…sounds like a plan!!


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you feel you should be in a different place in your life?

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone with a good attitude, to pursue your destiny and potential based on your true worth?



  1. Rica@Yoga Mat Monkey

    I definitely think stepping out of my comfort zone has allowed me to grow. I have learned that I will always have what I need, as I need it. It’s an amazing feeling to have this assurance. Thanks for your inspiration.

    13 . Jun . 2016
  2. Collette

    This is so important to remind yourself of. It’s easy to read and sometimes hard to apply, so it’s always nice to refresh your mind and get motivated again to be confident that life is taking you where you need to be!

    13 . Jun . 2016
  3. tara pittman

    I like where I am in life. I am making some money and enjoying traveling.

    14 . Jun . 2016
  4. Rachel Mouton

    I just made a post about stepping out of your comfort zone the other day. This is so true. How can we ever be truly tested if we never leave our comfort zone?!

    14 . Jun . 2016
  5. Enricoh Alfonzo

    100% agree with this! I’ve only ever found any success outside of my comfort zone. As uncomfortable as it is, its worth it. Great post

    14 . Jun . 2016
  6. Elizabeth O.

    Life is all about taking risks, we can’t be safe all the time. It’s good to try something new, even if it is out of your comfort zone. I love this reminder, it’s definitely something I needed for today!

    14 . Jun . 2016
  7. Inspiring Kitchen

    It definitely is a beginning. Stepping out of your comfort zone can give you the jitters, but usually, it’s only the first step that’s difficult.

    14 . Jun . 2016
  8. Pamela

    “The best way to grow.” Yes, I’ve found this to be true but it still doesn’t make it easier for me. However, I’ve never stepped out of my comfort zone that I haven’t felt God nearby. Great post.

    14 . Jun . 2016
  9. Jay Simms

    This is really great. I need to remind myself of this every day.

    14 . Jun . 2016
  10. Dawn McAlexander

    It wasn’t until I got hurt and realized that I wanted to blog that I really began to experience what life was really about. It is true that when I left my comfort zone that I started living.

    14 . Jun . 2016
  11. Ana De- Jesus

    I find it difficult taking action sometimes because I am scared of rocking the boat but it is important to!

    14 . Jun . 2016
  12. Cecile

    I think we grow the most when we step out of our comfort zone!

    14 . Jun . 2016
  13. wendy

    I am at a point in my life where I am making it better for me and my family. Thank you for the inspiration.

    14 . Jun . 2016
  14. Kathy

    I think it can be very difficult to step out of a comfort zone. I’ve been shy throughout school, and that was difficult for me. I’m much more talkative now, but back then it was hard to step out of my comfort zone.

    14 . Jun . 2016
  15. Doran @ Haute Beauty Guide

    Great and inspiring post! I tend to move on when I start to feel too comfortable.

    14 . Jun . 2016
  16. Echo

    This year has been all about stepping out of my comfort zone by focusing more on myself. Something that I have never really done.

    15 . Jun . 2016
  17. Lexie Lane

    Very nice post, I love it. Stepping out of the comfort zone is a really hard move.

    15 . Jun . 2016
  18. Leigh Anne Borders

    The older I get the more I realize how comfortable I am in what I am doing. I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in regardless if it is in my comfort zone.

    15 . Jun . 2016
  19. Nikki Jenner

    I like seeing myself adjusting and leaving my comfort zone. It is hard, but very rewarding.

    15 . Jun . 2016
  20. Nicole Escat

    It is not easy to move out of your comfort zone but you will benefit from it. I am so glad that I did it!

    15 . Jun . 2016
  21. Lady Lilith

    I like the idea of constantly expanding a comfort zone. The more you push your shelf, the greater you will become.

    15 . Jun . 2016
  22. LIz Mays

    I’m one who prefers the comfort zone, but when I feel pushed, I go with it. I know I’m meant to stretch a bit.

    16 . Jun . 2016
  23. Rosey

    I like the comfort zone. But if I know God is the one doing the calling, I walk out of it freely. 🙂

    16 . Jun . 2016
  24. ana fernandez

    I got out of my comfort zone when I leave my 9 to 5 job to fight my dream job! food blogger!

    16 . Jun . 2016
  25. Anosa

    Over a year ago now I made that decision to step out of my comfort zone and believe in the future and not wait on people to do it for me. Great post

    17 . Jun . 2016
  26. Kathy Kenny Ngo

    I think its the fear of failure or rejection that makes people wary of stepping out of their comfort zone. I know that its my fear of rejection that makes me want to stay within my comfort zone. I do however have given it a try and though uncomfortable and scary, it has yielded a lot of positive results.

    17 . Jun . 2016
  27. tauyanm

    I never wear skirts before. and couple of years, i decided to step out of my comfort zone and just stop thinking what others will think and i’ve never been happy dressing up!

    19 . Jun . 2016
  28. Dawn gibson-thigpen

    oh man this is right on time. i have been working on doing that a lot lately. i tell you this really takes courage.

    19 . Jun . 2016
  29. She Joh

    Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is the best thing that can happen. I’ve done it several time throughout my life and it’s made me a stronger person and helped me overcome my shyness.

    20 . Jun . 2016

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