Stepping Out In Obedience and Throwing Away Excuses – February 22 Inspiration

Stepping out in obedience. Throwing away excuses. Hmm, both actions sound challenging, at least under various circumstances. It’s one thing if we’re in agreement with steps we must take, and can acknowledge areas in which we need to change. Then we can usually more easily throw out the excuses for not doing what’s right to do. However, taking the right actions might be more difficult if it involves something we don’t want to do or something we don’t want to give up.




Here’s some inspiration for this Monday…


“If you are looking for a miracle in your life,

make sure you are sowing  seeds of obedience,

because the Lord has promised us

if we do so in patient confidence and trust in Him,

 we will eventually reap:

‘And let us not lose heart and grow weary and faint

in acting nobly and doing right,

for in due time and at the appointed season

we shall reap, if we do not loosen or relax

our courage, and faint’ (Galatians 6:9).

Sometimes when things are not working out

the way we think they should

or we are not receiving the answers to our prayers

as quickly as we would like…

we must realize God is always working.

We just may not be able to see it,

because He usually works in secret.”

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”


“Get some things over with in your life today.

Get rid of bad habits and negative attitudes

and move on with the future God has for you.

Pray: ‘Lord, please help me to change.

Show me the root of my problem

and how to get over it.

I want positive changes in my life.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Starting Your Day Right”


My reflections:

Both of these devotionals were so fitting for me today–once again! I like the reminder about not growing weary in order to reap the good seeds we have sown. And even though it’s tough to hear (read), it’s also a good reminder and admonition to get rid of bad habits and negative attitudes by having the roots of our problems exposed so we can have positive changes in our lives.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you struggle to always step forward to do the right thing and not make excuses?

How do you feel when you discover the roots of your problems and have to deal with them?


Our Miss Cali who needs oral surgery. If you're interested and able to help us raise funds, here's our GoFundMe.
Our Miss Cali needs oral surgery. If you’re interested and able to help us raise funds, here’s our GoFundMe.

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  1. I’ve never been the patient sort, so sometimes these kinds of meditations are hard for me. As for breaking and/or putting aside negative habits – it’s tough getting your mind to think positive thoughts.
    Anne Louise Bannnon recently posted..The Training Walk: Back in the GrooveMy Profile

  2. For me it definitely depends on the situation! I make excuses sometimes for sure.

  3. I think nothing is impossible if you’re willing to do it, if not then you’re just making an excuse. It’s that extra effort that counts and once we give up and just make up excuses that’s the time we lose.

  4. My problem is lack of patience. I try to teach patience to my kids, but have a problem exercising it myself. That’s a big problem when kids watch what you do right? I always need God to help me in this area.

  5. Love this and something I definitely needed to read !

  6. Excuses are given by failures. I think its better to avoid excuses. If you an do something, do it. If you can’t do, then leave it. Excuses and all, I don’t like personally at all.
    Top5life recently posted..Five Hidden Signs You’re being Cheated OnMy Profile

  7. I try my best to do the right thing and not to fall victim to procrastination. I believe there are too many excuses in the body of Christ though and that is why it is so hard to find workers
    Mardene Carr recently posted..Ruby Bridges – Then and NowMy Profile

  8. I do the right things by others more easily than choosing the right thing for myself. I always wrestle with my own life decisions.
    Jenn Peters recently posted..Free Coloring PagesMy Profile

  9. I am teaching my children some of this bit by bit, but I also have to live it out.
    Thanks for sharing this enlightening article.

  10. Making excuses my husband says I’m bad about. It’s something I need to work on

  11. I’m learning more and more to face my challenges and not to make excuses for them. This year I’m gaining victory.

  12. I always make sure I stay away from excuses and blame. It is a nice way to take responsibility and not feel the burden of hate. This is a great post
    Healing Tomato recently posted..Cold Pasta Salad RecipeMy Profile

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