1. Elizabeth O.

    It’s always important that you take action, if not no change will happen in your life and you’ll just be part of the same cycle over and over again. I love the quotes for today! Very motivating.

  2. I loved your post. I am so intensely involved right now in moving forward with my academy and so grateful for opportunities that have come my way and serendipitous tools and resources that have come about as a result of my focus and hard work.

    Gratitude is key. Wake up every morning already grateful for a new opportunity to make a difference. Keep on blogging, kiddo. You have a great style and a lot of really good information. I’ll be back.
    Bonnie Dillaboug recently posted..Is Your Teaching Keeping Up With Technology?My Profile

  3. When several people do the same thing or follow the same theme, and they’re isolated from each other, maybe a higher consciousness is influencing them.
    I’m thinking of great inventions like the radio, or great painters, or physicians discovering the same technique.

  4. victoria

    I love this post and i am realizing in my life. Be grateful for what you have i always complain in the little things. but the little things was important

  5. I feel everything happens for some reason. Some things I don’t understand why – like a young person passin away or suffering from illness. I got sick three years ago and somedays I say – it actually helped me to really value my health and family. Beautiful post as always – thank you for sharing

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