Stepping Out and Finding Out – Part 2 – October 22 Devotions

It’s always interesting to me when themes arise and are prevalent in the blogosphere, among people who have never met one another, who “just happen” to connect in blogging communities and visit other blogs to find out, “Hey, I just blogged about that, too!”

One theme that I’ve noticed– and even blogged about a few days ago–is the idea of stepping out and finding out. Feeling a nudge or pull to go in some direction, not being entirely certain, yet knowing you have to take that step of faith to find out for sure.



So onto this devotional, with this blog post aptly named as part 2 of that idea of stepping out and finding out …


“Perhaps God has been speaking to you

about some changes in your life

and you want them, but you are afraid.

I want to encourage you not to be afraid to step out.

Go through the doors He is opening.

You may even have to take a few steps in some direction

and see if a door previously closed

will open as you approach it.

Maybe you have a little direction from God,

but you don’t see the full picture.

God leads step by step.

He may never show you step two until you take step one.

I am not advocating doing foolish things,

but I do encourage you to find the balance

between living in fear and living in wisdom.

God is progressive…

When I am faithful over the little thing,


He shows me the next step,

and by then, my faith has grown to be able to handle it.

Don’t spend all your life looking back

and wishing you had tried different things

or done things differently.

Wondering what could have been

is a lonely feeling.

Don’t live your whole life hearing about

what everyone else is doing

and wondering what it could be like.

You are not going to be able  to do everything,

but step out in God’s timing

into the things you feel He is leading you into.”

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”


My reflections:

This devotional is so similar to the other recent one, yet it’s a different devotional written years apart from  the other one.  Again, it’s interesting when concepts like this become popular and relevant, and then cycle around once again. We can’t really change or improve our place in life, or ourselves personally, unless we’re willing to take action and take that first step of faith to find out if that’s the right direction or path for us at any particular time.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Back on this topic of stepping out and finding out – do you take that step eagerly, or do you hold back in fear and uncertainty?

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  1. I feel like people come into our lives for a reason. I truly believe that.

  2. It’s always important that you take action, if not no change will happen in your life and you’ll just be part of the same cycle over and over again. I love the quotes for today! Very motivating.

  3. I loved your post. I am so intensely involved right now in moving forward with my academy and so grateful for opportunities that have come my way and serendipitous tools and resources that have come about as a result of my focus and hard work.

    Gratitude is key. Wake up every morning already grateful for a new opportunity to make a difference. Keep on blogging, kiddo. You have a great style and a lot of really good information. I’ll be back.
    Bonnie Dillaboug recently posted..Is Your Teaching Keeping Up With Technology?My Profile

  4. this is actually what I keep on reminding myself about. Admittedly, I may look tough to many of my peers, in terms of stepping out of the comfort zone. Thus my blog was born, for me to be reminded.
    polenation recently posted..A Storm is an OpportunityMy Profile

  5. When several people do the same thing or follow the same theme, and they’re isolated from each other, maybe a higher consciousness is influencing them.
    I’m thinking of great inventions like the radio, or great painters, or physicians discovering the same technique.

  6. I love this post and i am realizing in my life. Be grateful for what you have i always complain in the little things. but the little things was important

  7. I have been moving forward in a new direction in my life. Not by choice, but it is going to take me places where I will learn, and grow, in new ways. One step at a time.
    Alana recently posted..Falling Friday – Never Too YoungMy Profile

  8. I totally agree that you can’t find out unless you step out. I try and go out and discover on my own but my insecurities also makes it tough for me. I do know also that God has a plan for my life and with his help I can overcome anything.
    Amanda || Growing Up Madison recently posted..6 Reasons Why You’re OvereatingMy Profile

  9. I love the quotes you included in this post. I do think the decison to step out on faith. We go thru seasons of growth, failure etc. I think there is an ebb and flow to it all.
    Chanelle recently posted..Jammin’ Green SmoothieMy Profile

  10. Things have been changing not by my choice. I will be relying on God to get me thru.

  11. I feel everything happens for some reason. Some things I don’t understand why – like a young person passin away or suffering from illness. I got sick three years ago and somedays I say – it actually helped me to really value my health and family. Beautiful post as always – thank you for sharing

  12. I believe that everything happens for a reason.

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