1. I do believe words can hurt or build someone up.

    I have been having issues with finding balance with my teenage daughter for two years. Things were at the point she was physically assaulting me to the point I could not move my arms very much with out pain. I am thankful today she is not that same girl. Balance was found through many prayers and tears.

    I believe one must fight for what they believe and pray to the Lord above to help when we feel like we are failing. He helped my family find balance. That I will always be thankful for.
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  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    It really depends on the day with me. Some days I have complete balance – others not so much.

  3. Elizabeth O.

    Oh yes, words do hurt and you are right, the pain stays longer. I used to be tactless, but through the years, I’ve learned to be careful with what I say, so I won’t hurt others.

  4. Balance is tough even for the most organize person. Unless you are single, with a very routine job or none at all, then your life is going to bring about things that cause it to be unbalanced at times. Kids, spouse, home, fun, all of life’s components. We can seek balance, but sometimes it will fall to one side.
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  5. Balancing my daily tasks is a challenge as I am so weighted down with responsibility that I rarely get a break. I do have a horse and ride every day and that sort of balance is achievable. It feels good even if only for a while.

  6. I really agree with this. Especially as you get older you learn to find that comfortable medium and it’s not as bad as you thought when you were younger.

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