Spotlight On…Michelle Shaeffer, Girl Blogger Next Door! UBC Day 6 #blogboost

Spotlight On…Michelle Shaeffer, Girl Blogger Next Door! UBC Day 6 #blogboost


Michelle Shaeffer–

Girl Blogger Next Door!


It’s Thursday – we are almost to the weekend!  Today’s  Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) writing prompt is this:

Day 6: Spotlight!

We all have people in our life who we admire or who have helped us in our life. 

Today pick one of those people and spotlight them in your blog post. 

Who knows, they may be able to help someone else just by reading your story.

So it seemed only fitting to apply this  writing prompt to the area of blogging, and who better to spotlight than one of the co-founders of the original Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC),  Michelle Shaeffer. I have been enjoying learning about blogging from her own experiences and expertise shared through her blog and as I participate in various blog challenges, workshops, webinars, and Facebook groups that Michelle leads.

Here she is, Girl Blogger Next Door, Michelle Shaeffer….

Michelle Shaeffer, Girl Blogger Next Door
Michelle Shaeffer, Girl Blogger Next Door


And here is her bio from her blog:

Michelle Shaeffer’s entrepreneurial journey began early in life with experiments in sales from Girl Scout cookies and 4H fundraisers to creating websites for her parents’ friends. 

As an adult, free to serve others in ways that help them reach their goals faster and get better results with less stress, Michelle helps entrepreneurs and small business owners discover how simple it can be to get real results from their websites, transforming them from ghost towns into ideal client attracting, lead generating, authority building tools.

She’s written 42 blog posts in a single day… mentored more than 5,000 bloggers through the Ultimate Blog Challenge… published 900+ posts on her own blogs… made just about every blogging mistake possible (and shares them), so you don’t have to!

A typical day in Michelle’s life includes a whole lot of coffee, slightly non-traditional homeschooling lessons with her three children, obsessive blogging and content creation, coaching fabulous entrepreneurs through The Marketing Mentors Navigator program, working behind the scenes to support her awesome clients with their blogging and marketing, and sneaking a little bit of sci-fi in there somewhere.

Connect with Michelle for fun, smart training to help you make your online presence work the way you deserve so you can reach the crowd you’re meant to serve.


Michelle’s social media contact info:

Blog: Girl Blogger Next Door

Facebook: Girl Blogger Next Door

Twitter: Michelle on Twitter

YouTube: Michelle on YouTube


Michelle is definitely someone I admire and she is more than qualified to help anyone who wants to learn more about blogging and online businesses! She is the picture of energy and innovation. I also featured her as one of seven female entrepreneurs in my article for the PAC: 7 Successful Women Entrepreneurs and Their Inspirational Leadership Tips.


One of Michelle’s most recent endeavors is Hookline Dynamics. What’s that all about? Check it out:



Or how about a 5 Day “Blog Promo Blitz” Challenge Extreme Traffic Adventure? Click HERE for more info! 🙂

Here’s a related inspirational thought:

“Accountability is all about connection, communion, and community.

This is the environment where we thrive, where we come alive again.

It is where we freely give of ourselves and enjoy the abundant fruit of lives well lived.”

–Dr. Tim Clinton in “Turn Your Life Around”

So How About YOU?


Have you heard of Michelle or have you participated/are you currently participating in any of her workshops or challenges?


Do you have a mentor or someone you admire? How does he or she help you with your particular ideas or goals?









7 thoughts on “Spotlight On…Michelle Shaeffer, Girl Blogger Next Door! UBC Day 6 #blogboost

  1. Karen, thank you for sharing about Michelle Shaeffer! I had not been to her blog before today. I have visited her blog, bookmarked it, and have used her Hookline Dynamic – what a wonderful tool to use! I look forward to using it for many blog post titles to come. ~Adrienne

  2. Hi Karen,
    That was a great video. What a great tool for bloggers to use! I can’t wait to try it.
    Thank you.

  3. Wow, amazing. Forty-two blog posts in a day! Michelle is a powerhouse blogger! I’ve had various mentors in my life and they’ve guided me back to visual arts. Today, my friend and I hung my first solo art show in the public library. Super happy. Thank you for the blog post and the question.

  4. I haven’t heard of her or participated in any of her challenges. I enjoy challenges though so am going to look her up!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Enjoy the journey!

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