1. Adrienne

    Karen, thank you for sharing about Michelle Shaeffer! I had not been to her blog before today. I have visited her blog, bookmarked it, and have used her Hookline Dynamic – what a wonderful tool to use! I look forward to using it for many blog post titles to come. ~Adrienne

  2. Kathryn Maclean

    Hi Karen,
    That was a great video. What a great tool for bloggers to use! I can’t wait to try it.
    Thank you.

  3. Alice Gerard

    Wow, amazing. Forty-two blog posts in a day! Michelle is a powerhouse blogger! I’ve had various mentors in my life and they’ve guided me back to visual arts. Today, my friend and I hung my first solo art show in the public library. Super happy. Thank you for the blog post and the question.

  4. Mandy Allen

    I haven’t heard of her or participated in any of her challenges. I enjoy challenges though so am going to look her up!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Enjoy the journey!

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