1. Words are VERY powerful, if they were not, there wouldn’t be such science behind them. One of my favorite quotes by Kipling (I think) “Words are the most powerful drug to man”. So true … wonderful post

  2. It’s so true that the old “sticks and stones” saying is NOT true. Words are so powerful, and we should always be mindful of what we say to ourselves and to others. Great post!

  3. Words of wisdom! Would be nice to always think twice before speaking but I think over the years I have it pretty much down unless it comes to my children. Lordy, then I have to tear my tongue off. lol

  4. Oh you are SO right. I have NEVER forgotten how two teachers (who should have known better) humiliated me for not being very good at something in front of the whole class. There really was no need to do it!

    I think one of them just did it as a bit of a “gee-up” to me, whereas one of them was (in my humble opinion) a rather nasty piece of work.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

  5. It is true words are powerful , this is why I like to use words of praise and encouraging. There are enough people who use words to create fear and worry and even war and the damage affects all of us .
    Good to think about what we say and what we listen to
    Thank you

  6. I definitely agree that we must be aware of our words and how they effect people. The emotional pain that words can have are capable of hurting people much more deeply than physical wounds.

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