Sowing and Reaping – January 25 Devotions

Sowing and Reaping – January 25 Devotions

Sowing and reaping. One of those life principles that applies in many ways, in many areas of life. Whether we sow good or bad things, we will reap the same. We should strive to sow good things into the lives of others, regardless of how they treat us, in order to reap good things in our own lives. For instance, sow kindness to reap kindness, or sow patience to reap understanding when we’re in a difficult situation requiring patience on the behalf of someone else.





Here are some devotional thoughts for this last Monday in January (can you believe it?)


Sowing and reaping applies not only

to the agricultural and financial realms,

but also to the mental realm.

We can sow and reap

an attitude as well as a crop or an investment.

Many times we are reaping in our lives

what we have previously sown

into the life of another.

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You


My reflections:

This devotional is thought-provoking, because there’s always cause and effect/sowing and reaping/”karma” going on in the world. It’s certainly difficult to choose to sow nice things for someone who is unkind to us, yet the alternative is if we sow bad things, we will reap bad things. Another quote I read emphasized that when something happens, we might need to ask ourselves if the other person is sowing or if we’re reaping something we have already sown, for good or bad.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you believe in the sowing and reaping principle? Can you think of examples in your life when you reaped something either good or bad, and you know why it turned out that way?


Our little Thor checking out the back of a quilt I made.
Our little Thor checking out the back of a quilt I made.

27 thoughts on “Sowing and Reaping – January 25 Devotions

  1. A little act of kindness goes a long way, definitely. It’s something that we should try to do at least once or twice everyday, regardless.

  2. I absolutely believe that we reap what we sew. I have seen it happen too many times in my life not to believe.

  3. Sorry I’m late in reading, but I have definitely been praying about this recently. God has been challenging me to start sowing positive seeds, specially when it comes to my hope. I panic a lot about the future, and I’m learning to turn my speech around so that my thoughts/emotions/attitudes are faith filled instead of full of despair. Thank you so much for sharing! And Thor is adorable!
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