Should You Conform or Transform Your Life?

Should You Conform or Transform Your Life?

Conformation or Transformation?


[Please pardon my absence of a week or so–in addition to being out of state last weekend for a family wedding, I also suffered a mild concussion after colliding with one of our dogs! As I was bending down to hook our smallest dog on her run, one of our larger dogs jumped up and head butted me in the forehead — nearly knocked me out! I have a lump and a bruise above my right eyebrow and along the outer edge of my eye; my eyelid was puffy and my eye nearly swollen shut for a few hours after it happened. Still having headaches. NOT a fun time! 🙁 ]


                 Our home nestled among the beautiful fall foliage


It’s a beautiful fall day in Maine – sunny, breezy, in the 60s, and the transformation of foliage from green to breathtaking shades of red, orange, and yellow is spectacular!

The changing season reminds me of the process of transforming into better versions of ourselves as God designed us to be, rather than conforming to another person’s wishes, especially if those wishes are selfish or harmful to us.


Here is your Saturday inspiration — have a nice day and be blessed! 🙂


“God’s will for you is transformation, which takes place from the inside out…not conformation, which is someone’s external, superficial idea of what you should be; nor your own efforts to conform to their ideas, expectations, and demands.


Most people think you should do what they are doing–that you should be a part of their plans. This is wonderful if God agrees, but when God says no, we must say no also.


In this quiet moment, determine that you will not be conformed to the wishes of your friends and relatives, but that you will be transformed and led by the Spirit of God.”


–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”


My Reflections


This is such an important differentiation. Allow God to change us from the inside, rather than cave in and make changes because of pressure from other people–or even from our own self-imposed pressure of what we THINK we’re supposed to do or be, based on wanting to please other people.



So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Have you experienced pressure to conform to the wishes of other people?


Do you like the idea of transformation instead?



            Fall’s blazing transforming glory!





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  1. Definitely transformation by Holy Spirit working in us the the best. Pressures from others can be unhealthy. I want only God to be my potter!

  2. Life is a continuous transformation of understanding, insights, reflections, adjustments, . . . it is up to us to accept, adjust, adapt and live the human experience to the fullest!

  3. I think differentiating between two comes with maturity.
    When I was younger I conformed to what I that “they” (whoever “they” were) wanted of me. It could be school, parents, religion, television, friends, society, etc.
    When you step away from all that and into the arms of God who says that’s all poo then the healing and transformation can happen.
    It’s getting to that place of surrender and trust that is the key – in my opinion.
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  4. Love the illustration of the fall leaves changing and us being transformed into the glorious image of Christ!

  5. It’s always been my goal to let the Holy Spirit transform my life instead letting the world mold me into its image.

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