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Sew-In Saturday – Belated May 9 Devotions on Opening Your Heart and Lifting Your Spirit


Sew…that’s what I did yesterday. I completed these two quilts for customers. I always make a patchwork backing, so it’s almost like having reversible quilts, or two quilts in one.




So onto what would have been Saturday’s devotions. Remember, too , you can read Psalms and Proverbs to accompany each day on my page, Daily Scripture Readings. AND check out my new page, where you can have an opportunity to put compassion into action–whether through praying, sharing the linked causes, and/or donating.




“The reason an open heart is so important is that without it, we won’t listen to anything new or different. It is amazing the things in the Bible we will refuse to believe because they are not part of what we have been taught in the past.


Why can’t our believing be progressive? Why can’t we accept that there may be a few things we don’t know? That doesn’t mean we should be so open that we believe anything the devil wants to dump on us, but it does mean that we should not be so narrow-minded that nobody can teach us anything new.


We should not be afraid to listen to what is being said and check it out for ourselves by reading the Bible and talking to God about it to see if it is really true. I get concerned about people who think there is only one way to do things, and it is their way. We must have an open heart. It will tell us when what we are hearing is true.”


–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”



“When you are down, the devil wants you to remember every foul, rotten stinking thing that has ever happened to you and every shameful, detestable, despicable thing you have ever done.


God wants you to remember Him and sing praises to Him in the midst of your miserable situation. Remember you are a new creature; old things have passed away. Whenever you feel your spirit starting to sink, you need to take action immediately. Don’t wait.


Remember the Lord and the good things He has done for you–it will boost your faith and lift your spirit!”  


–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right” 


-1- I think this one illustrates the importance of being willing to learn. If we’re close-minded, we tend to not listen to anything that goes against the way we’ve “always done things.” I think, however, it’s important to also guard our hearts and not listen to or follow just anything or anyone.


-2- Ah yes, the difference again between condemnation vs. conviction, weighing down vs. lifting up. I think it’s human nature sometimes to dwell on those negative things and “commiserate”–that whole “misery loves company” issue. Honestly, though, I would much rather be lifted up by focusing on good things, than be weighed down mulling over the bad things.


So what are YOUR thoughts?


Do you tend to be an open-hearted person and trust your intuition?


Do you ever get stuck in that rut of misery, instead of stepping up to the mount of victory?


  1. Donna Ward

    Hoping your Mother’s Day was blessed! And beautiful quilts indeed! Wow
    Great notes – and I look at this point – ‘The reason an open heart is so important is that without it, we won’t listen to anything new or different.’ as also being open to a loving heart and removing bitterness and other chinks as we feel them – great post Hugs 🙂
    Donna Ward recently posted..How Content Marketing and Copywriting Work Together to Grow Your CommunityMy Profile

    11 . May . 2015
  2. Kimberly

    I love how your words always speak to me at just the right time! Thank you for another perfectly timed post. Beautiful words.
    Kimberly recently posted..Mascara TipMy Profile

    11 . May . 2015
  3. Mary Hill

    I agree about being careful not to follow just anything. God wants us to trust Him and His Holy Spirit with give us discernment if we pray for it. Thanks for the inspirational thoughts.
    Mary Hill recently posted..Literacy Musing Mondays, Week 16My Profile

    11 . May . 2015

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