Saying NO When Necessary – February 28 Inspiration

Saying NO When Necessary – February 28 Inspiration

Saying NO when necessary. Sometimes it really IS necessary for our own health to learn to say no.  We can’t always do everything for everyone – nor should we. I think this is part of achieving balance in our lives, saying yes when we can and saying no when we should.


Here is your Sunday inspirational thought…

“Anyone who says yes to everyone all the time

is headed for trouble.

When people want you to do something,

they definitely won’t be happy if you tell them no,

but sooner or later you must decide

if you’re going to spend your life making other people happy

at the expense of never being happy yourself.

There should always be times when we do things

for other people just because we want to make them happy,

even if the thing they want is not what we would prefer doing.

To live that way all the time, however,

is not healthy emotionally  or in any other way.

Sometimes you have to say no to others

in order to say yes to yourself,

otherwise you will end up bitter and resentful.

A confident woman says no when she needs to.”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My reflections:

I can relate to this one, because I’m a non-confrontational person.  I don’t like seeing people upset or unhappy. My own adult kids have often told me I’m “too nice” and my hubby often reminds me that I need to stand up for myself. So sometimes this means saying no when people want me to do something that I really don’t want to do, don’t have time to do, or otherwise wouldn’t be a good choice for me at the time.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Can you easily say no when you need to?

Have you found a way to say no even when it makes people upset?


One of my favorite quilt block designs made into a bag with an imprinted photo.

4 thoughts on “Saying NO When Necessary – February 28 Inspiration

  1. I do not have a problem saying no when asked to do something I know is wrong. Sometimes it is hard to say no when others ask for help. I often find I do for others to the point that I just want to cry from the stress I experience because I don’t have time afterwards to get my work done. I feel like God would want me to help and finding that line to say no to things that really are necessary to do for others is very hard.
    Sheri Ann Richerson recently posted..How to Cut Your Over-Consumption – The Experimental HomesteaderMy Profile

  2. It depends on the situation. There are people I can say no to without much trouble. Other people I find it harder. But I hate confrontation, and if I know there will be a big confrontation if I say no, I bend. I want to please.
    Alana recently posted..Super Duper TuesdayMy Profile

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