Sad Day – Loss of a Fur Baby – November 3

Sad Day – Loss of a Fur Baby – November 3

Around 2:00am on Tuesday, November 3, my hubby Dave and I awoke suddenly to an awful noise. It sounded like one of our cats half choking, half yowling. Dave ran out to the kitchen where the cat was, while I restrained the dogs. In less than a minute, Dave carried our oldest cat, Mack, into the bedroom while we then put the dogs in the kitchen. Dave laid Mack on the bed and said, “I think we lost him, Babe.”


In Loving Memory of our Mackster.
           In Loving Memory of our Mackster.


And sure enough, just like that, Mack was gone. He was the “old man” of our fur babies at 10 1/2 years old. We have five other cats, all from a litter of feral kittens who arrived in our yard six years ago. We captured them, socialized them, and then couldn’t part with any of them. We also have two pups, ages  3 and almost 2 years old. Mack was having some age-related health issues, but nothing serious–that we were aware of, at least. However, after taking his body to our vet later that day, she said based on the fluid that had pooled under his open mouth in the box we had placed him in after he died, he likely had fluid in his lungs, congestive heart failure, or both.



Mack and Smokey “helping” with the laundry.


Mack and Dave doing their “head bump.”














If you have never owned pets, you might not understand why we have been so distraught over this loss. If you DO own pets, then you understand they are like family members. Losing one, especially so suddenly and unexpectedly–in such an awful way–has been devastating and we have shed many tears, while also lavishing love and attention on our other fur babies.


We can only hope Mack didn’t suffer much, as he passed quickly. We know we gave him a good, loving home for several years since he chose us at the shelter (seriously, he stepped out of a cage in a top row and settled into our arms, like he had been waiting for us). And now we just envision Mack reunited with our then 12 1/2 year-old black lab, Kita, who we said goodbye to almost 3 years ago, when we had to make that difficult decision to end her suffering from cancer and arthritis.


Mack and Kita, from 2009.
                  Mack and Kita, from 2009.



Goodbye and rest in peace, dear Mackster Buddy! We will miss you.




29 thoughts on “Sad Day – Loss of a Fur Baby – November 3

  1. So very, very sorry to read this- we lost our dog a month ago and I can understand only too well the pain and sadness you’re feeling. Wishing you happy memories of your beautiful Mack and a sense of gratitude for all the ways he enriched your lives.

  2. My condolences to you and your family. The pain of losing a pet…a fur babie…a four legged family member…is heartbreaking and never easy. Find comfort in the memories.

  3. My thoughts are with you, I know exactly how you are feeling at the moment. Take comfort from the fact that he chose you and you gave hime a wonderful home for the time he was with you.

  4. RIP Mack. So sorry for your loss. I’ve been there and do know what you are going through. The loss of a fur baby is never compensated. All we know is that they go to a wonderful place called Pet Heaven are happy ever after.

  5. They are your family, even if you have a boatload of kids. Some of the hardest things I’ve had to write have been about losing one of our fur babies… my heart goes out to you.

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