1. It’s very sad that people kind of lose their heads when they win the lottery. In terms of Rule 9 of happines, I think that would be true. True happiness can be found in both times of calm and in times of tribulation. I guess it depends on if you look at the big picture or the small one.
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  2. Balance is very under-rated. This is a good one, it is so important for us to learn to appreciate both sides of the coin because our way is not the only way. We might even learn something if we checked out the other side of the coin
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  3. Elizabeth O.

    It’s definitely much better to learn to appreciate everything. To be honest, whatever misfortune you had in the past would let you realize how blessed you are now.

  4. I have a condition which causes me great pain at times – I appreciate the days when I can move without pain so much. I never thought I would take pain free mobility for granted. It has given me a different view on life. I wish the three Powerball winners the best. Seems like the bad stories way outnumber the good, because people just aren’t prepared for a windfall, and for that kind of sudden change in their lives.
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  5. I think it is beneficial to experience both sides of the coin. During times of lack or pain is when we learn to appreciate the time of plenty and peace. Thanks for sharing these points.

  6. Michelle

    Haven’t experience pain for several years then becoming pain free I truly appreciate happiness and have learnt to enjoy life now because tomorrow may never come!

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