1. I am with you, I so need to declutter my home!!! I am in the process of doing it now. I had other motivation, but no matter the reason, it makes me feel much better with just the little bit that I have already done!!! Thanks for sharing

  2. I LOVE this post. Real happiness is not found in more stuff! I love clearing space at home and at my office to allow new ideas, new creativity and space to think openly. Great message! Thanks for sharing…

  3. Elizabeth O.

    That’s true, I agree. Experience is more valuable than material things. It teaches you life lessons and even gives you wonderful memories. I would definitely choose experience over anything I can buy and replace.

  4. I have watched shows about hoarders and it’s always distressing. We used to live near one – extra distressing! The cleaners who came when she left had to wear HAZMAT suits. I have a lot of ornaments given to me by special people but anything I don’t use goes.

  5. Hoarding can be hard on the individual, much harder than many persons even imagine. It brings anxiety and should be avoided as much as possible. Even when my email inbox is too cluttered I feel anxious. De-cluttering is key
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  6. Hoarding & clutter are ‘charged’ words & are interpreted differently. I am neat & have art, pottery, glassware, tons of family photos but all have a place. I have been sorting thru from time to time & donating or designating & I believe doing a little at a time is much better than spending days. But there can be excess paper buildup, saved magazines, books, clothes, pantry items- all these things can become clutter if they outgrow the space.

  7. I think it’s great that you are committed to de-hoarding.I’m pretty good about not hoarding and if anything I’m guilty of getting rid of too much…and then finding a purpose for it after the fact! lol

  8. Coming from a family of pack rats, I admit I love collecting beautiful things. I have a large elephant collection and a smaller “peace” collection, plus some angels and fairies too. I think the generation my mother grew up in people did collect and keep things, because often they lived in scarcity situations. This kind of habit stays with people. I had a very wise healer tell me that the growing number of “hoarders” on the planet is indicative of a future population of people with brain related issues, like dementia and alzheimer’s and he relates it to the electromagnetic frequencies that we are bombarding ourselves with on this planet. My hope is we are moving away from the rampant consumerism model, to one of accumulating less and living more simply. For all of us who have lots of “stuff”, de-cluttering is a must. My daughter and I are working through my house and it feels amazing to give away, sell or throw away the things that we are no longer passionate about! Thanks for the reminder to keep the process going, Karen.
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