Rules of Happiness #6 – Do Random Acts of Kindness – January 11 Devotions

Rules of Happiness #6 – Do Random Acts of Kindness – January 11 Devotions

It’s another Monday! Are you having success in mastering YOUR Monday? So far, so good, or at least much better than Mondays normally go here. I’m trying to be mindful of my time, since time management has been one of my lifelong struggles. It’s one of my many goals for this new year, to better manage my time and be more productive. Meanwhile, do you regularly perform RAK?




So far we have covered five of Karl Moore’s Rules of Happiness:

In case you have missed any, here they are:

Rule #1: Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself.

Rule #2: Be Grateful.

Rule #3: Say Yes More.

Rule # 4: Follow Your Bliss.

Rule #5: Learn to Let Go.


Now here’s Monday’s rule of happiness


Rule #6 – Do Random Acts of Kindness (RAK!)


“The more we give, the more we receive.


A Random Act of Kindness, or RAK, is a small act of kindness that you grant to someone else in the world – for absolutely no reason whatsoever, without expecting anything in return.


Just throw a little extra kindness out to the world – and watch how you find greater happiness starting to flood back into your own life.”  –Karl Moore

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.

If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

-– Dalai Lama


My reflections:

This is another rule I love and can easily follow–and have seen the positive results!  There is so much evil and bad news in the world today; kindness and compassion are indeed greatly needed, and greatly appreciated!

Quick story from this proud mama about my youngest daughter (who is a mama herself to two adorable little girls): My daughter recently decided to start actively doing these random acts of kindness on a regular basis. Just before Christmas, she baked some special goodies and brought them to their local fire and police departments as a “thank you” for their services.

She had some extra goodies left over and called their local Kohl’s store, where she shops often, and where employees were working extended holiday hours. It was after 11pm, and when my daughter asked the manager about bringing goodies in, she welcomed her to bring them. When my daughter arrived, the manager hugged her and told her nobody had ever done something so kind and everybody working at the time thanked her, too.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you regularly practice random acts of kindness? Have you been a recipient of the same? How does it make you feel?

                  Random CUTENESS!





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30 thoughts on “Rules of Happiness #6 – Do Random Acts of Kindness – January 11 Devotions

  1. My random act of kindness is very little, mostly. When I go shopping, I always say, “It was a pleasure doing business with you” to the store clerks. That makes them happy because a lot of people don’t appreciate them. One day, a clerk at a pharmacy said, “You can come here any time you want to.” After a while, we had formed a friendship. She told me about her father, who had been a coal miner and who died of black lung disease. She told me also about growing up in Kentucky in coal mining country. If I had never said “It was a pleasure doing business with you,” I would have never heard this fascinating story.

    Sometimes, I give people afghans that I crochet. I am making one right now for a friend who has cancer. These afghans are called “comfortghans.” I belong to an email crochet group and I got the idea from this group. They sent me a comfortghan after my dad passed away three years ago. I still sleep with the comfortghan every night.
    Alice Gerard recently posted..the 366-day photography project: week 23My Profile

  2. I enjoy doing RAK, whether it be something small just to see a person smile and feel good or a larger act. I don’t have much, but it makes me feel so good knowing I can help someone when the least expect it.

  3. It’s always so fulfilling to do something good for a loved one, a friend, or a complete stranger! It’s something that I make sure I do, if not everyday then at least the soonest I get the chance to.

  4. My youngest is 11. She cam home from school today with a “token” which the kids can use towards a treat. I asked what she did to receive. My daughter said a girl in her class is not popular and needed a pencil and noone would give her one and my daughter gave her a pencil. The teacher gave her the token for kindness. it made my day because my daughter said it isn’t nice not to share. I love reading your posts. They are inspirational
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  5. I try to do random acts of kindness in my daily life. Even little things like letting someone go in front of you at the supermarket queue can mean a lot to them but it’s not really an inconvenience to me.

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