1. K-Lee, I am a huge fan of letting go. A young friend of mine once said, “Sometimes you have to kindof make a HOLE in your life for new stuff to flow into.” She meant, you have to let go of something first, clear a path, make room for change. Your illustration from LiveLifeHappy is so true: letting go creates that space for something better.

  2. I like your rule for the day. Unburdening those excess baggage may also mean accepting what we cant have, welcoming in good vibes, and yes, letting go. Happy day to you. In our place, its so hot!

  3. For me this is the best rule so far, there is no chance of moving forward unless you’re prepared to let go, as you rightly say Karen it’s not about forgiving and forgetting, it’s about you as a person making the decision that you will not let that negativity eat away at you

  4. Hi,

    This is a great way of looking at negative emotions.

    Someone once told me “Let go, and let God” – and once I had been granted that permission it really was such a relief to do that.

    Roasting here in the UK, and that’s really something!

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

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