1. I am happy with I am hanging out with my family and we have no plans, we are just talking and having a good time with each other. Some of my favorite moments ever!

  2. Your post really resonated me. My post today was about the difficulty that lies in having to choose between things that Need Doing and things you want to do. You’ve answered my question – always take time for bliss!

  3. Both my spouse and I were able to follow our bliss today – so happy we had the time. I blogged and took some photographs. He made some turkey soup, which will be featured in my blog tomorrow. It’s nice you incorporated your love of quilting into this post. I’ve been reading this series with interest and look forward to your future posts in this series.
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  4. Elizabeth O.

    That’s why they say happiness is bliss. This is a really nice message, perfect for the weekend. It’s nice to just enjoy what you’re doing.

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