Rules of Happiness #3 – Say YES More – July 15 Inspiration

It’s the 3rd Friday of July–3 Fridays in July this year! How are things going for you and your summer so far? Based on the feedback I’ve been getting already, many of you are enjoying this series on the Rules of Happiness (this is NOT an affiliate link) by Karl Moore.


So far we learned about:

Rule #1: Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself.

Rule #2: Be Grateful.

I’m participating in the  Facebook blogging challenge on Fridays this month, with the Power Affiliate Club (PAC) Blogging Carnival. Part of the topic is on not giving up, but instead focusing on what you want to accomplish. Today’s Rule of Happiness seems to fit that line of thought, with a focus on being more positive and getting more accomplished. As my fellow PAC blogger Sue stated, “If you have a solid realistic purpose and a positive outlook you will persist.”

So onto today’s rule #3, which coordinates with our “3s” for the day (seeing patterns of repeating numbers in another whole story)…

Rule #3 – Say Yes More


“We fight against what happens to us in life, rather than allowing it to be as it is. We resist it, rather than accepting it. We say ‘No!’ rather than saying ‘Yes’ – or even just ‘Okay.’


By saying ‘Yes!’ more to life, we go with the flow. Things become more enjoyable and positive, less stressful and anxious, and often the situation turns out for the better, regardless.”  –Karl Moore


I will say yes to every favor, request, suggestion and invitation.

I will swear to say yes where once I would say no.”

– Danny Wallace


My reflections:

I can understand the rationale behind this idea, of promoting and focusing on a more positive lifestyle, because positive over negative certainly leads to more happiness. But I’m thinking you should use common sense and only say ‘yes’ when it’s sensible and safe to do so.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you agree with this “rule” of happiness?

Do you think this rule might be “conditional” on circumstances related to saying ‘yes’?




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  1. This is so true. Too often we let our per perception of how things should be or our fear control our feelings about a situation. We would be so much happier if we just accepted it.

  2. I don’t agree with saying “yes” to everything. There is a difference between being open to new things (saying “yes” to things you would have automatically said “no” to just because you don’t like to try new things) and going against your common sense or moral beliefs.

  3. I learned this young because my parents often said “no” to experiences. I grew into the opposite person because I didn’t want to be limited.

  4. Well, of course we can’t say “yes” to everything, but I like the idea of saying “yes” more often. When someone asks for help, say “yes” if you can.

  5. Sometimes we hesitate a little too much even if it’s as simple as going out with our friends. I think it’s nice to be able to say yes without having to worry about what happens next. Life is much more enjoyable that way!

  6. I personally do not agree with saying yes to everything. If you want to, that’s fine…but if you are always saying yes then you will become stressed out trying to make everyone happy and keep your promises.

  7. I definitely agree that a positive mind toward everything will give you a happier life. I am a huge proponent of taking the most positive approach to everything. My version is much like Phillipians 4:8, “Whatever is lovely, whatever is true…think on these things”. I’m glad you’re doing this series on happiness. Good stuff!

  8. I need to say yes more. Especially with treating myself

  9. Yes, always use common sense when it comes to saying yes. Just like you should use common sense when saying no as well.

  10. Sometimes we have to say yes more. Take risks it’s good for ourselves.

  11. I often say no, especially for my needs. I take care of my hubby and son’s needs but when it comes to mine, I am a little bit skeptical or ended up with a “No”. I should be saying yes to myself more.

  12. Love this, as I deal with application of tough love, which is not my style, I will say yes with gratitude and surrender to the moment, looking towards a better tomorrow. This post helped me personally today, thanks.

  13. This is wonderful … YES begins a flow of possibilities I think. No embraces fear, holding you back from the unknown that could be filled with incredible surprises. I used to say “No” a lot when I was younger. No more.. I just do it and see what happens …so much is given and experienced with a “YES”.. wonderful post .. thank you. And your series is heartfelt and enlightening…

  14. I love all your quotes and how positive you always try to be. It’s really inspiring! You’re a great person

  15. YES…YES..and YES again! So absolutely true. Negative thinking and attitudes should really have no place in our lives

  16. when I visited South Africa and witnessed true poverty, I stopped feeling sorry about myself. They maybe poor but they’re very happy.

  17. Your post reminds me of I quote I enjoy:

    “Saying yes to happiness means learning to say no to the things and people that stress you out.” – Thema Davis

    I think this quote reminds you to have common sense and say “yes” when it’s good for the other person AND yourself, and “no” when it’s one sided.

    Thanks for a great post!


  18. I agree with “yes” used in the sense of having a positive mindset Yes is good when it means you are trying something new and pushing your boundaries.

    I don’t agree about saying yes to everything asked of you. I used to do that and I run myself ragged. It stemmed from lack of self esteem and I ended up exhausted, anxious, depressed. I’m much more selective of my yesses now and can say no without feeling bad about it.

    Thank you for quoting me in the post. I appreciate it.

  19. I don’t say yes most of the times, but whenever I do I make sure that my yes is valid. It is nice to say yes as long as it is right.

  20. Great post! I think it’s important to stay positive to be happy, have a positive mindset and not to dwell too much on sadness. I say yes far too much for my own good, it’s the no that I need to work on!

  21. I don’t think an auto yes is necessarily a good thing. It can sometimes lead to taking on way more than is good for us.

  22. I liked the 3 rules
    1 stop feeling sorry for yourself – dont use this much
    2 be greatful – use this one daily
    3 say yes more – only in the sense that it’s positive rather than negative. Open mindedness rather than closed.

    Great article!

  23. I don’t particularly take to any rules, especially when it comes to happiness. Happiness is such a personal thing and it is only us who can decide which is the best way to achieve it!

  24. Interesting take on happiness and achieving it.
    Great job!

  25. I think this topic is an interesting idea and it holds truth. The more we take a deep breath and just allow life to unfold the easier it is. The more we resist and struggle the more difficult our path.

  26. Learn to say yes and the world is your oyster. My problem is i’m always say yes to things…

  27. I don’t think we should say yes to everything and that is something I need to learn to do myself!

  28. Sometimes we want to control everything. This is why there is so much tension. So I love your thoughts that sometimes we need to ease ourselves and just accept this the way they are.

    Thanks for this wonderful post. Take Care

  29. Thanks for this wonderful post.

    I see people wanting to control the outcome of everything around them no realizing that they are missing out on the beauty of life and opportunities. In the famous words of Obama. YES WE CAN!!

  30. I am working on saying “Yes!” more, but also working on saying “No!”. I tend to say yes when I should say no and vice versa.

  31. I agree for the most part, I’d say! I try not too be uptight and to be open to new things, but at the same time, I know my limits. But as they say, life isn’t as simple as black and white. In-between is a WHOLE LOT of grey area ;).

  32. I don’t think that saying “yes” more is really all that helpful. I am sure there are times when it is, but saying “yes” more just means that more often times than not you are going to be doing something that you really don’t want to do. That doesn’t make you happier.

  33. I love your positivity. It is true that to be happy, one should be grateful of what he has. It is better as well not to compare and just accept what you have. If you think you could have more, then work for it, again, in a positive and humane way.

  34. I do believe saying yes more will lead to happiness. I tend to say no a lot and that is something I want to change about myself. I have to learn to take more risk and enjoy life more.

  35. I say yes to the good things that will bring happiness. I try to embrace everyday and avoid negative

  36. I’m not saying yes to everything, but I do try to say yes more often and enjoy different activities. Like going to the beach yesterday for example, knowing I have to cycle over a very big hill. 🙂

  37. Such a wonderful read & I love reading every part of it. I agree that we need to stop feeling sorry about our-self & make sure to stay in a positive mindset. When there is a need, you can always Yes. Thanks for inspiring.

  38. This is good positive motivation! I really needed to read this. Great inspiring post!

  39. Sometimes people say No because of fear of some kind. I agree that saying yes to more things would actually help to combat fear and help us to move forward.
    Very inspirational post that certainly made me think today. Thank you.

  40. Many people choose to live a happier and more fulfilled life if they just want too, but some of them as often as they say no.

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