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Rules of Happiness #13 – Set Direction with Intention – January 18 Devotions


The older I get, the more I discover I need to be structured and deliberate in my actions. It’s challenging dealing with the “here for” issue.  You know, you walk into a room and suddenly can’t remember what you came in here for! If you don’t know what I mean, than you are blessed and don’t suffer from brain fog!

So I have to make lists, use color-coded notecards, use the “S Note” feature on my cell phone, and/or hang sticky notes, all to make sure I don’t forget important things. Some of the details on these lists and within notes are the things I intend to do each day in a structured or scheduled order; seeing them written down helps me set the direction or plan for the day, as I can reflect on them or refer back to them.




So we are up to #13 of Karl Moore’s Rules of Happiness.

Here are #1 – #12 in case you have missed any, or would like to look back at them:

Rule #1: Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself.

Rule #2: Be Grateful

Rule #3: Say Yes More

Rule # 4: Follow Your Bliss

Rule #5: Learn to Let Go

Rule #6: Do Random Acts of Kindness

Rule #7: Happiness is Only Ever Now

Rule #8: Experience, Don’t Hoard!

Rule #9: Experience Both Sides of the Coin

Rule #10: Be More Social

Rule #11: Love More

Rule #12: Have a Dream 


So on this Monday, into the second half of January already, we have rule #13…


Rule #13 – Set Direction with Intention


“Decide on where you’re going and how it’ll be for you – and it’ll happen.

Set your intention first. Make it clear that you’re going to have a great time, you’ll meet some fantastic people, and that it’s going to be wonderful.

Set your general intention every morning and every night, too. The brighter and more positive, the better.

Set your sunny intention – and you will be happy.” — Karl Moore


Whether you think you can or you can’t,

you’re right.”

– Henry Ford


My reflections:

While I know for sure things happen to derail our good intentions and direction for a day, since we really have no control over some things, I think the overall rule here is good. I definitely feel happier when I have a plan and get things done on any given day.

I also like Henry Ford’s simple quote: “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”  Simple, yet powerful!


So what are YOUR thoughts?

How do you feel about today’s rule of happiness? Have you experienced the truth of setting your direction for the day (week, month, year) intentionally and seeing good results?


One of my many favorite log cabin variations!


  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I think it is important to know what you want and go get it!

    18 . Jan . 2016
  2. Carla

    Structured. Deliberate. And live with a sense of urgency.

    18 . Jan . 2016
  3. Tamason Gamble

    I love the idea of doing things with intent – we all need purpose for our actions so this is a great rule to live by.
    Tamason Gamble recently posted..The Darkest Secret by Alex MarwoodMy Profile

    18 . Jan . 2016
  4. Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA

    There are not many things Henry Ford said that I enjoy- but that is one of the very, very, very few.
    And, not only planning what we shall do each day, but including the fact that we will enjoy what we do, helps us achieve more and recognize the value of our day.
    Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA recently posted..Tonight starts income tax season…And, do I have some surprises for you!My Profile

    18 . Jan . 2016
  5. Salma

    I am really enjoying and appreciating these happiness ideas. Intention and direction are things I need to implement more.

    18 . Jan . 2016
  6. Mardene Carr

    I always set my direction for the day, for the week and even for the year. I find when I put things down on paper, it goes a lot better
    Mardene Carr recently posted..Why I feel in love with Paris before I went! My Profile

    18 . Jan . 2016
  7. tara pittman

    I make notes and lists too. I have brain fog often but it is not old age it is because we have too much in our head.
    tara pittman recently posted..My GameDay Soup For Souper Bowl Sunday #GameDayTraditionsMy Profile

    18 . Jan . 2016
  8. Gena Livings

    I love today’s intention and it’s right on target for me! I took a break from writing weekly articles to tend to some personal matters here on the home-front but I’m intending to get back into the flow of writing again. This article was such great timing for me and I thank you for the added inspiration.

    18 . Jan . 2016
  9. Linda Hampton

    “For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” ? Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Linda Hampton recently posted..Living Without Fear Part 1. What are you afraid of?My Profile

    18 . Jan . 2016
  10. Nicole

    Great post. Definitely agree. Every night I set up a to-do list for the next day. This helps me to have productive mornings & have a clear idea of everything I need to accomplish.
    Nicole recently posted..Ernest Hemingway on What to Do When You Feel Like Giving Up on WritingMy Profile

    18 . Jan . 2016
  11. Ana De- Jesus

    I agree having the intention to be something and the direction to move forward is qualities that are important to have.
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted..David Bowie: Embracing AndrogynyMy Profile

    18 . Jan . 2016
  12. Martha

    I have to write things down also, if I’m out and about, I send myself a text message so I don’t forget it. I like your list of rules.
    Martha recently posted..No Devices At The WeddingMy Profile

    18 . Jan . 2016
  13. Maddie

    I love these tips. I’ll have to use them.

    18 . Jan . 2016
  14. Elizabeth O.

    You’re happier when you know what you want and how to get it. That’s definitely right!

    18 . Jan . 2016
  15. michelle

    i get more done in my days if i am direct with myself about what needs to be done
    michelle recently posted..17 Mile DriveMy Profile

    18 . Jan . 2016
  16. Claudette

    This was a great post and reminder. Thank you for sharing.
    Claudette recently posted..Your Story: 4 Tips To Keep Telling ItMy Profile

    18 . Jan . 2016
  17. Jennifer Bay

    Love this one, it is so true, you have to have direction, or you never know what will happen, thanks for sharing.

    18 . Jan . 2016
  18. victoria

    such a useful tip for me. I’m so glad you share it with us.

    19 . Jan . 2016
  19. Top5life

    Its important to remain happy to be successful. These rules are very interesting.

    19 . Jan . 2016
  20. Urvi

    Very nice article. Remain happy and stay focus is necessary. Thanks for inspiring
    Urvi recently posted..History of Ireland 1916 -2016My Profile

    19 . Jan . 2016
  21. Dogvills

    Having a dream and trying to achieve it is important.
    Dogvills recently posted..Dog House Shopping Guide: Choosing the Best Home Depot Dog HouseMy Profile

    19 . Jan . 2016
  22. tisha

    I always set my goal and work really hard to achieve it. I visualize it coming into a reality and it never disappoints me.

    19 . Jan . 2016
  23. Quin B

    It’s sometimes easier said than done, but this is a good roadmap to start with.

    19 . Jan . 2016
  24. Barb

    I so agree with you about the older I’m getting the more I need structure. Intention is so important. It keeps me from flip flopping on my decisions.
    Barb recently posted..Sam’s Club Family Pizza Combo perfect for the BIG GameMy Profile

    19 . Jan . 2016
  25. Beth@FrugalFroggie

    I think I forgot to stop and smell the roses. That is something I need to work on.

    19 . Jan . 2016
  26. CourtneyLynne

    I’m all about reaching for the stars!!! You have to go after what you want in life! You must!

    20 . Jan . 2016

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