1. K-Lee, I love that you are always on a positive topic! Hmmm, I’m less a dreamer than a practical person concerned with today’s productivity and taking care of my loved ones. I keep in mind what needs to be done for this week, this month, this year, of course. And all this is in the context of God’s call for me; in that, I’m all about qualities I need to BE. Sometimes I do need to reach out and stretch my ideas of how big God is and how big his plans for me may be. Some would call that “dreaming” :-). Blessings!
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  2. I have always been a dreamer! I have never written them down, but that may be a great idea, so I can see the dream and make sure I am working towards it. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  3. Thanks Klee! I love dreaming. Often I will dream the same dream over the entire night. Even if I wake up I am able to resume the dream where I left it before I woke up.

    Also I vividly remember my dream after I wake up.

  4. I definitely have dreams for the future. I tend make more lists so I think I have a clear idea of what I want and what my goals and dreams are. This is a great post. Very inspirational.

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