1. Elizabeth O.

    That’s a nice rule. I would love to interact with people more. But I also enjoy my alone time. A good balance between would definitely make me happier.

  2. I guess I’m the opposite; my current job has me spending at least eight hours a day surrounded by people, helping people. When I feel socially exhausted, I sometimes don’t want to talk to anyone. But I’ll work on it, for sure.
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  3. Being social is someone important for your happiness. Finding others that think like you and love the same things is what keeps us going.

    Great post. I need to catch up on the others. And your bag is awesome. My mom always sewed so I grew up with. Now I just dabble a little not all that great. But I do love it.

  4. I’ve gone through the same thing from being home the last six years. Thankfully a mom group, going to the gym and church help me to stay social, but I often just don’t want to engage. I’m happy in my bubble…which over time can become unhealthy. Its good to socialize.
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  5. I have a lovely FB group that makes me happy with the interaction going on in there, although it doesn’t make up for meeting and engaging with people in real life, I fel it adds another dimenension

  6. Dang! As I went through this post it feels like it was literally written for me 🙂 I used to be someone who always socialize i the real world but that fade away when I started home based work. And this year, one of my goal is to be outside again and make new friends! 🙂
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  7. I guess it’s all about balance and what works well for that person. Having said that being in the company of others is always my preference, despite the fact that I do love my own company! Great post, thanks!

  8. In “real life” I am introverted and a homebody. I feel I thrive on social media – it’s a totally different way of being with each other, and one I feel comfortable in. I have social contacts I never, ever would have been able to make in person or by telephone.
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