1. I feel as if the key is to acknowledge whatever emotion/feeling you are having. Not doing so only has us hold onto it and trap it within. I have also learned that these feelings/emotions are only positive or negative based on my own classifications.To explain: when I was 28 I was in the most excruciating back pain. I had a herniated disc and I could not walk because I had lost feeling in my leg. I had to have surgery. I was in that space for about a month before the surgery, and it all felt pretty darn bad. But after the surgery I got healthy. I began to exercise and treat my body with more respect. So that experience I had deemed ‘negative’ turned out to be a positive one. I think part of the key to happiness is to find the lesson of the experience. And to find the Joy, because in all things there is joy if you look closely enough. 🙂

  2. I’ve been to both sides of the coin, I think what matters is to learn as much as you can from either the good and the bad experiences, they are the ones that forge you into the person you are today

  3. What helps me is to learn, focus on the important, and not take myself too seriously. After all, the scale is out of balance most of the time, and passes through the balance point periodically.

  4. I don’t think many of us think about this often but this is so right on. I need to pin these rules above my bed or above my computer so I can reflect and work on thinking differently daily. The good with the bad. The happy and sad. Yes!

  5. I do agree, at least as long as we are on this earth, and not completed and perfect in heaven, we do often need to at least see the darkness “over there” to appreciate the light.

    A favorite song of mine by the band Switchfoot says, “The shadow proves the sunshine”.

  6. Elizabeth O.

    That’s very well said. You haven’t truly lived until you’ve experienced both. It will not always be great, and you must brace yourself for the challenges that will come your way. In the end, everything you’ve been through will teach you how to be happy.

  7. tauyanm

    i guess this is good, it teach us the way of life and appreciate things both ups and down and so to appreciate the life of other people and not just ourselves

  8. I will never understand why lottery winners in the states are obligated to tell everyone who they are. In the other side of the world, it’s optional. If I won the lottery, I would tell no one… people get very annoyed when you don’t fork it out and as soon as they know, the hands do come out. I wouldn’t begrudge helping anyone, but I despise it when they think they’re entitled to it.

  9. There are many lessons in life that we can learn or have learned and this lesson in particular should never be missed. People who have gone through a tougher time knows how to take advantage of a much better situation than what they’ve gone through. These are the people who knows how to be content and happy.

  10. Excellent post. I agree. God made us to feel the whole range of emotions. Yes to know happiness, we must also deal with sadness. It’s life on earth. The only place where all emotions are positive, joyous and happy are reserved in heaven!

  11. Karlyn Cruz

    I totally agree! We should learn how to appreciate everything that life has offered us. All these things have purposes.

  12. Nicole Escat

    It is very important to enjoy each day of your life. No matter what happened- good or bad, everything has a reason.

  13. Congratulations on celebrating your 10-year anniversary – what a sweet milestone! I have experienced two sides of the coin. I think that if you don’t know what it feels like to experience the downs in life, you can’t truly appreciate the high points either (or feel empathy for others).

  14. Kathy

    I think this is so true about experiencing sadness to have happiness. Everyone needs to experience some sadness. We all have to experience certain things to be happy.

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