1. K-Lee, this is a powerful theme. I first saw it in the late Dr. Wayne Dyer’s early book, “Your Erroneous Zones”. Wayne recommended that when we are feeling stressed, for example in traffic, we focus on the present moment. It works! Simple (yet difficult in practice). I have worked on this for many years since I was introduced to it. Perhaps it’s a lifetime study. Thanks for covering this principle!

  2. Elizabeth O.

    Happiness is a choice and it’s a choice you can make right now. This is a good reminder that we can always choose to be happy instead of waiting for the perfect moment.

  3. Karlyn Cruz

    Happiness is definitely a choice you can make. It is not defined by your situation but by your attitude towards the situation.

  4. Loved the one about happiness being in the NOW. So true, living in the present takes care of so many of our woes. No need to fret about the past of worry about the future.

  5. Karen

    I love this one <3 Happiness is a choice for most people, and I choose to be happy in the moment. Can't the past make me sad YEP but I am choosing not to live there. Thank you for sharing

  6. Kathy

    It’s been very humid here as well. It’s horrible! By the way this is such a beautiful post! I love that you always seem to be so positive.

  7. Jay Simms

    I am glad that we have had a small break from the humid weather too. So nice and has put me in a better mood.

  8. I try to live by that philosophy. It took me a lot of years to learn how true it was. But, thanks to some life experiences, I try to live in the present whenever possible. The past is gone. The future may never exist for us.

  9. Love his happiness principles. Ive been applying some in my life and they are doing significant changes in my life. Would be trying some
    From the list too.

  10. brilliant rules, the first one is the most profound for me as I sometimes find it hard to think back especially on my failures as they tend to come up on the fore front making the happy memories take a back seat. i’m working on this.

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