1. Exercising is a hard task for me. Mostly, I’m glued to my computer chair and the most exercised part of my body would be my fingers!

    I’ll try though. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  2. I Love rule 14 – Simple Pleasures as sometimes we forget them and want it all complicated. Good luck with the change of diet, you will feel so much better – good Rule 16. Dx

  3. I’m jumping in on the tail end of this series, but this one is so true! I recently had a baby and for someone who is used to exercising daily, those first weeks without exercising, I could really tell the difference. I was happy for the new baby of course, but I could feel the difference in myself. Now that I’m back to exercising, I fell 100 times better!

  4. My health has improved over the last 8 years since we got a Labrador and I walk him at least twice a day. My asthma is a lot better, but I do need to improve the eating side though! Lovely reminder Karen

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