Rule of Happiness #11 – Love More – July 23 Inspiration

This is a verse I’ve heard many times during my life: “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love (1 Corinthians 13:8).”  Extending love to those around us, even when it’s difficult, even when we may not necessarily like someone or may not appreciate their  behavior or life choices, is still the greatest way to achieve happiness. When we allow someone to steal our happiness because we dwell on whatever misery that person has caused us, another expression applies: We allow that person to live rent-free in our heads–so maybe it’s time to send an eviction notice!


We are up to #11 of Karl Moore’s Rules of Happiness.

Here are #1 – #10 in case you have missed any:

Rule #1: Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Rule #2: Be Grateful

Rule #3: Say Yes More

Rule # 4: Follow Your Bliss

Rule #5: Learn to Let Go

Rule #6: Do Random Acts of Kindness

Rule #7: Enjoy Happiness NOW

Rule #8: Invest in Experiences NOT Hoarding Possessions

Rule #9: Appreciate BOTH Sides of the Coin

Rule #10: Be More Social


So here is rule #11…

Rule #11 – Love More!

We must realize that we feel the most happy in life – when we are the ones giving the love!

The more we love others, the happier we become.

The more we love the world around us, the happier we become.

The more we love even our enemies, the happier we become.

And best of all, WE can control the amount of love we give – and thereby control the amount of happiness we experience.”  –Karl Moore

Love and kindness are never wasted.

They always make a difference.

They bless the one who receives them,

and they bless you, the giver.

– Barbara De Angelis


My reflections:

I especially like the revelation that “WE can control the amount of love we give – and thereby control the amount of happiness we experience.” That’s definitely worth pondering. That, and “Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference.”

I would say those phrases are true except in those rare occasions when you’re dealing with someone who is truly depraved or outright evil, in which case you would put yourself in danger if you don’t exercise wisdom and caution.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you agree with this rule?

Do you feel happier when you practice a loving lifestyle?



My bliss – creating quilts!

     One of my favorite color combinations on     this “jewel tones” quilt I made for a customer.

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  1. Thanks for your wise reflection. Love isn’t a feeling. Love is to want the other person’s good and to do whatever is within our power to achieve that. That isn’t always easy, but I yes, I do feel happier when I practice a loving lifestyle.

  2. Enjoying all these positive posts. Wonderful series.

  3. It reminds me of something that used to be said by my manger many years ago – be hard on the problem but not on the person.

  4. Such a small 4 letter word, such a profound effect…Love! Just saying raises the good chemicals in the body…loved being reminded. Dx

  5. “But the greatest of these is love… ” Thanks for posting this. I was just on FB and it’s filled with negativity and hatred. I just can’t take it. Brenda

  6. I really enjoy your happiness rules Karen. This one is probably the best of them all! Thank you.

  7. You can’t really pass up a rule like this. Loving more means being kinder and more compassionate towards others and in return it’s going to be rewarding. It’s true, the more love we give, the happier we are, I couldn’t have said it better.

  8. There are a few people I need to send an eviction note to in my head. Great analogy.

  9. This is nice! I’ve been reading this for a few days and I totally agree on all your posts!

  10. Another wonderful post full of energy and good vibes! A great start to the week!

  11. I definitely think giving love to others makes us happier. It definitely makes me feel good!

  12. Oooo – I really like the line ‘…live rent-free in our heads–so maybe it’s time to send an eviction notice.’ That’s a powerful statement, and makes a lot of sense. I had to learn that to increase my happiness…I had to distance myself from toxic relationships, thoughts and memories.

  13. That is one of my favorite quotes of all time! It makes a very powerful statement and is so so true!

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