Revisiting a New Year’s Goal: Banish Discouragement and Move Forward Confidently!

Revisiting a New Year’s Goal: Banish Discouragement and Move Forward Confidently!

Banish Discouragement …

and Move Forward!

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I decided to revisit a post about new year’s goals, now that I’m now at a crossroad in my career life since acquiring my Doctor of Education degree about 3 weeks ago. It has seemed rather anticlimactic after all the momentum going into the oral defense, and then…not much happening! So I need to banish discouragement so I can move forward. Sounds good to me!

Discouragement is just another negative, toxic mindset that adversely affects our feelings and prevents us from really living the kind of life we want to live…and often delays us from fulfilling our potential. Learning effective strategies to deal with discouragement–like reading words of encouragement (main idea of this blog!) and spending time with people who encourage and build us up, rather than tear us down.




Here is your inspiration for today…

“Missionary William Ward said discouragement is

‘dissatisfaction with the past,

distaste for the present,

and distrust of the future.’

If you’ve dealt with dissatisfaction in your life, you know that is true. Discouragement steals the zeal we need for living. It makes us believe we will fail before we have even tried to succeed.

There is nothing wrong with feeling disappointed about something, dealing with it, and moving on–that’s a natural reaction when something doesn’t go as you hoped it would.

But discouragement doesn’t let you move on. Discouragement stays with you, stealing your joy, your energy, and clouding your judgment.

You don’t have to live captive to the feelings of discouragement any longer. The moment you begin to feel despair or discouragement–whether it be over something big or small–remind yourself of God’s goodness in your life.

Don’t let insecurity, regrets and dreads, or discouragement ruin your life. Others may live captive to unhealthy and ungodly feelings, but you don’t have to. As a child of God, you can make the daily choice to live by the Spirit instead of living by your emotions.

With God, you always go forward…never backward.

Forward into something new.

Forward into something better.

Forward into destiny.”

–Joyce Meyer in “You Can Begin Again”


My Reflections

In this year of 2017, I am on a mission, by God’s grace and the power of HIS might, to overcome obstacles and pull down strongholds!  Discouragement is one of those that has been a resident for FAR too long in my life! Time to serve an eviction notice, I believe, so I can move forward into a more positive life and be better equipped to help and encourage others.

So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Do you struggle with discouragement on a regular basis?


Do you have a support network of positive, encouraging people who help pull you up when you’re down?



My Dad, the inspiration for this blog, because of his gift of encouragement.
My Dad, the inspiration for this blog, because of his gift of encouragement.







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  1. Thank you for this word of encouragement. I enjoy coming here because you always have such a refreshing outlook on life.

  2. Discouragement to me is a temporary situation of the mind. I don’t dwell in it for more than a minute. There is always hope. I live each moment and appreciate it for the blessing that it is. Nice blog. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the upbeat words. I, for one, needed them. I feel like I am fighting all the time, but most of the time nothing happens. Maybe it’s also about not giving up? I wonder…

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