1. Samantha

    My father is still living, however he is not present in my life. Days that celebrate parents are hard for me as I have never had a good relationship with either one. However, on these days I make more of a point to focus and celebrate myself & the person I have become by myself. 🙂 thanks for the great article.

  2. Mandy Allen

    I see my dad a couple of times a year. He lives in another country and never comes home so it is up to me to travel to see him, which he would like me to do more often but work and finances prevent that. I’d spend more time with him if I could but I care full time for my mum so it’s difficult to get away without the work and finances constraints! He hasn’t seen my sister for 10 years or more because they are both stubborn and think the other one should make the effort. It’s wonderful that you had such a good relationship with your dad.

    Enjoy the journey!

  3. Sandy KS

    My dad, Is still alive. I see home several times a year because my stepmom and he are so busy. it really is hard to catch them at home unless it is planned. he has never been to my home, he doesn’t visit any of his kids. He wants us to visit him.

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