Responding to Challenges – December 1 Devotions

Responding to Challenges – December 1 Devotions

Happy December 1st! Christmas in 24 days, for those who celebrate it…can you believe 2015 is almost over?

Well, regarding blogging time, I lost most of the month of November to a number of challenges. I did continue to post my gratitude thoughts on Facebook through the end of month–how did you do with the Gratitude Challenge I mentioned in my November 1st post?



By way of an update, last month began with the loss of our oldest cat, Mack, as I mentioned in my last post in November. It was such a sudden, traumatic loss, hubby Dave and I decided we needed to help the healing process by adopting a new kitten. We worked with a vet assistant,  Jessica, from our vet’s office, because she helps rescue and foster animals from high kill facilities.


Turns out she had received a rescued pregnant mama cat, who then had a litter of five kittens. They were born on September 1st, so they’re just 3 months old today. At the time Jessica came over, the kittens were about 10 weeks old. We were only going to adopt one…but these two little brothers who have Mack’s colors and similar markings, tugged at our already tender hearts, so we adopted both. We named them Loki and Thor!


Our new kitties, Loki and Thor!
Our new kitties, Loki and Thor!


A week later, Jessica said the person who had planned to adopt the only female kitten–backed out. We couldn’t leave her without a home, so we adopted her, too! We named her Miss Minnie, because she’s a miniature version of our Mr. Tabs!


Miss Minnie!
                       Miss Minnie!






Mr. Tabs and Miss Minnie!
       Mr. Tabs and Miss Minnie




So we managed the loss of Mack by bringing three new little lives into our family. Within about a week, the five other 6-year-old cats (formerly feral kittens who showed up in our yard in fall 2009) and the new little ones managed the transition and began bonding.


Meanwhile, Dave went off hunting every weekend, while I contracted bronchitis and a bacterial upper respiratory or lung infection, and was on an antibiotic for that. This meant a lot of resting with lots of good company from our fur babies!


The month closed with a quiet, small Thanksgiving with Dave and me, and Dave’s mom. Then yesterday was my oldest daughter’s 31st birthday.


That’s my summarized version of November! Now onto a brief devotional thought for this first day of December.

“Many wounded people don’t know how

to get what they really need,

so they wallow in self-pity.

Taking our eyes off of ourselves enables us to look to God.

This positions us to trust Him to meet

every need in our lives.

God knows exactly what we need,

and He promises to provide it

through His abundant grace and mercy.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Starting Your Day Right”


My reflections:

November was definitely a month to rely fully on God to meet our needs, and He knew exactly what we needed to help us heal!




So what are YOUR thoughts?


How was your month of November? Did you practice gratitude everyday and rely on God to meet your needs? Did you celebrate Thanksgiving, and if so, was it a nice day for you?




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  1. I never had a pet myself but I have seen the pain friends and family go through when they loose their pet. It is like loosing a family member. I hope the other 3 kittens brings joy to you guys and take the sadness away.

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