Replace Fear with Faith – January 31 Devotions

Replace Fear with Faith – January 31 Devotions

Replace fear with faith. Sounds like a plan! I know I struggle in some areas of life due to a lack of confidence. I would much rather replace fear and lack of confidence with faith and strong confidence, so I can continue on this life’s journey and fulfill God’s intended purpose and full potential for my life.


Here are your devotions for this final day of January…


Under-confidence is a condition;

it might even be considered a sickness.

 And just like may other sicknesses,

 under-confidence is caused by a deficiency

of one thing (confidence) and too much of another (fear).

I refer to fear as an emotional virus

because it begins as a thought,

then affects your emotions and behaviors–

just like a flu virus might invade your body

via handshake or a sneeze,

and then make you feel miserable all over.

Fear is a dangerous virus, because a fearful person

has no confidence and can never reach

her potential in life.

She won’t step out of her comfort zone

to do anything–

especially something new or different.

Fear is a cruel ruler,

and its subjects live in constant torment.

Without  confidence, people can never know

and experience true joy.

Ask God today to replace your fear with faith.”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My reflections:

This is a great devotional thought to ponder as January ends and we head into February. Even though I accomplished a decent amount of things from my “Action List” this month, I was still struggling with burdens from the past. I’m ready to take some steps with more confidence toward reaching my potential.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Have you ever thought about a link between under-confidence and fear? Do you normally feel confident, or do you struggle with lack of confidence?


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