Remembering My Mom 6 Years After She Passed Away

Remembering My Mom 6 Years After She Passed Away

Sad 6-Year Anniversary


This is a day of reflection for me, because my Mom passed away six years ago after a brief battle with lung cancer, and other cancerous cells throughout her body, as a result of not overcoming breast cancer two years earlier (October 2009).


Final Memories of Mom                                     Final Memories of my Mom (made this collage 2 years ago)


Mom attended my youngest daughter’s wedding on June 4, 2011, and met her first great-grandchild for the first time (my oldest niece’s and hubby’s child – they are linguists in Indonesia and were in the USA for the wedding and to visit family and friends).


Then, on July 1st, Mom learned she had advanced, aggressive lung cancer.  She wanted to enter hospice care at home. She was surrounded by family and close friends during her final days. We all took turns spending time with her and sitting by her bedside overnight. She passed away peacefully just before 4:30am on July 7, 2011, with one of my nephews by her bedside.


While we grieved her departure, we were thankful Mom’s pain and suffering ended as she left her cancer-wracked body behind and entered the presence of her Lord…and was reunited with my Dad (her Ben) who passed away in 2002. We could just envision him waiting for her with open arms!



This has been a difficult few weeks, between remembering my brother-in-law’s death a year ago on June 15th, spending my 15th Father’s Day without my Dad, and now this 6th anniversary of my Mom’s passing. Grief can be heavy sometimes… but looking at this quote, I feel blessed to have had these people in my life to love.




So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Have you experienced grief in your life recently or in the distant past?


Have you found it debilitating or did you transition easily to a new “normal” in your life?






2 thoughts on “Remembering My Mom 6 Years After She Passed Away

  1. Yes, nearly five years ago, my dad passed away. It was very hard to adjust to life without him. For a while, we did manage to adjust and to maintain a family life with my mom and my sisters and my nephew and family out of town. But now that my mom is battling dementia in a nursing home, this new normal is too much for me to handle. I’m feeling a little lost and lonely.

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