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Remembering My Dad on What Would Have Been His 83rd Birthday – March 15


I am thankful that on this day 83 years ago, one of the best men ever was born. He grew up to serve his country in the army, to get married and to raise 4 kids, to become grandfather to 11, and great-grandfather to 7 (so far), although he never had the joy of meeting any of them, since lymphoma stole him much too soon 14 years ago this September, at the age of 69.


At all times, he loved his Lord, his wife, his children and his grandchildren, and his friends. He was one of the best role models and life examples of being a godly man.


I know this because he was my beloved Dad


My Dad and me from a birthday long ago.
My Dad and me from a birthday long ago. We used to celebrate together, as our birthdays were 2 weeks apart (his on the 15th, mine on the 29th).


Dad, I’m thankful you’re healthy and pain-free in heaven, as we remember what would have been your 83rd birthday.


My Dad on his 50th birthday, 8 years younger than I will be in 2 weeks!
My Dad on his 50th birthday, 8 years younger than I will be in 2 weeks (from an album I made for my son’s 30th birthday).


But I miss you and your hugs SO much, Dad!


I wish you could have met Dave, and welcomed and loved him as a son, and all of the spouses of your grandchildren, who you would have loved and welcomed into the family.


I wish you could have met all your great-grandchildren, and held them in your famous “grampy” pose – or what would have been now a great-grampy pose!


My Dad doing the "Grampy Pose" that he did with every one of his grandchildren.
My Dad doing the “Grampy Pose” that he did with every one of his grandchildren.


While our lives will never be the same without your loving, encouraging presence with us, our lives are richer and blessed for having had you with us for as long as you were.


I know you are enjoying dwelling in your heavenly residence with the Lord you served all your life, with Mom by your side, and with all those other loved ones who have gone on before us.


I know you must watch over us now and look forward to that heavenly reunion when it’s each of our turns to leave this earth. I look forward to seeing you again some day and feeling your loving embrace and big bear hug once again. Love you, Dad!


My Dad, the inspiration for this blog, because of his gift of encouragement.
My Dad, the inspiration for this blog, because of his gift of encouragement.



The book I wrote in Dad’s honor  and memory, entitled Fatherly Reflections.



So what are YOUR thoughts?

Have you lost anyone special to you?

Do you have difficulties emotionally when special days arise, like birthdays and holidays?


  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I’ve lost grandparents, but no one super close to me. I hope I don’t for a really long time, either.

    15 . Mar . 2016
  2. tisha

    This is so touching. You dad must be a really great man. You are so lucky to have him.
    tisha recently posted..8 Ways to Make Your Blog Look ProfessionalMy Profile

    15 . Mar . 2016
  3. Nikki

    Hugs and prayers to you! My grandfather passed away when I was almost 10. I wish he could have been here to see his great grandchildren. I know he would have loved them!

    15 . Mar . 2016
  4. Ana De- Jesus

    This made me cry what a man I am so sorry to hear about your loss but just know that he is proud of you x
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted..Replay Stone ReviewMy Profile

    15 . Mar . 2016
  5. Emma White

    I lost my grandmother 12 years ago now but I still miss her daily
    Emma White recently posted..How To Use StumbleUpon Threads In Facebook Groups The Right WayMy Profile

    15 . Mar . 2016
  6. Amy Jones

    I still miss mine too, ill never forget all those special moments we had.
    Amy Jones recently posted..Cappuccino Muffins RecipeMy Profile

    15 . Mar . 2016
  7. Beth@FrugalFroggie

    I am grateful that my parents are still with me. I am sorry for your loss but happy that you have your angel in heaven

    15 . Mar . 2016
  8. tara pittman

    I have lost grandparents and a brother. My brother was a teen when he was killed so I know the pain.
    tara pittman recently posted..Silicone Baking Mat – How to Make Perfect CookiesMy Profile

    15 . Mar . 2016
  9. Liz Mays

    He was gone too soon for sure. I’m so sorry! I lost my own dad about 5 years ago and although he was much older than yours, it was still way before his time. Hugs!
    Liz Mays recently posted..Roanoke Island Festival ParkMy Profile

    15 . Mar . 2016
  10. Heather

    You are so lucky to have had such a wonderful dad!

    16 . Mar . 2016
  11. Elizabeth O.

    He sounds like such a great man. I am sorry you lost him too soon. I wish he could’ve met the new members of the family as well. Happy birthday to him, I hope he is having a grand time right now!

    16 . Mar . 2016
  12. Lexie Lane

    Feels so sorry. Looks he was a great man. Happy Bornday to him.

    16 . Mar . 2016
  13. Patrice M Foster

    Its never easy when there is a loss especially loosing a Parent. My heart goes out to your family during these times. Try to remember the happy times together with your father. Thanks for sharing your personal story.
    Patrice M Foster recently posted..Just Want Happy not always DepressedMy Profile

    16 . Mar . 2016
  14. Lawrence

    That is both awesome and heartbreaking at the same time. I hope I live long enough and well enough to become the man your dad was. Thank you for sharing your personal story.

    16 . Mar . 2016
  15. Mardene Carr

    I am about to start just seems like you never get over losing a parent…sigh!
    Mardene Carr recently posted..Woman to #Woman is So UnjustMy Profile

    16 . Mar . 2016
  16. Romana Hai

    this is such an emotional piece. thank you so much for sharing with everyone.

    16 . Mar . 2016
  17. Kathy Kenny Ngo

    Its hard when you lose someone you love. I don’t think you ever get over it. Hugs.
    Kathy Kenny Ngo recently posted..Starbucks Coffee CollegeMy Profile

    16 . Mar . 2016
  18. Eugenia

    I am so sorry you lost your dad. Thanks for sharing such a touching post! Hugs to you!
    Eugenia recently posted..Best way to communicate joy!My Profile

    16 . Mar . 2016
  19. Healing Tomato

    Your dad sounds like the perfect gentleman

    16 . Mar . 2016
  20. Rachel Mouton

    What a sweet post. I know your family is proud <3
    Rachel Mouton recently posted..Girls Reforming the Future Challenge! #CaptainAmericaCivilWarMy Profile

    16 . Mar . 2016
  21. Ana Fernandez

    This story breaks my heart 🙁 I have lost my grandmother and I was very close to me. Still miss her
    Ana Fernandez recently posted..The Only Farm to Table Organic Carrot Cake You NeedMy Profile

    16 . Mar . 2016
  22. Coralie

    This is sweet. It is so important to remember those we have lost and the good times and memories. Thanks for sharing.
    Coralie recently posted..Laundry Stain Removal Guide {Free Printable}My Profile

    16 . Mar . 2016
  23. Edwin Lao

    I really love what you did here. I really appreciate my dad too and definitely going to make a blog of him someday. Thank you so much for this, this is really a wonderful read. remembering and thanking our great father in life.

    17 . Mar . 2016
  24. Rosey

    My daughter’s birthday is the same as your dad’s. 🙂 And my 2nd oldest son’s is very close to yours! I still miss my gram. She never got to meet my youngest and I know she would have loved him so much. She loved all her babies’ baby’s. 🙂

    17 . Mar . 2016
  25. Marielle Altenor

    He is watching over you! I miss my dad too. He was so lively and such a friendly person.
    Marielle Altenor recently posted..Fun Books For The Little OnesMy Profile

    17 . Mar . 2016
  26. Doran @ Haute Beauty Guide

    What a beautiful tribute to your dad! I am sure he would have loved your kind words and thoughts.
    Doran @ Haute Beauty Guide recently posted..Easter Dress IdeasMy Profile

    17 . Mar . 2016
  27. katrina gehman

    Hugs and prayers to you. God is watching over you.

    17 . Mar . 2016
  28. Becca Wilson

    What a sweet piece and I know that he is looking down and watching over everyone!

    18 . Mar . 2016
  29. Denise Hendrikx

    While I am no longer mourning, I frequently think of my late parents. I guess it is only natural.

    23 . Mar . 2016

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