Religion vs. Relationship – October 17 Devotions

Religion vs. Relationship – October 17 Devotions

Welcome to my blog! How is your Saturday going? I am thankful today for considerably less stress in my life than I had a week ago.  Less stress and yet more productivity…what a concept! I think improved life circumstances often begin with changes in our attitudes toward what we want or don’t want in our lives.




Onto our Saturday devotional…


“Sometimes it seems that religion is killing people.

There are many who are seeking a relationship with God,

but the religious community tells them

what they need to ‘do’

in order to be acceptable to Him.

This religious spirit was alive in Jesus’ day,

and even though He died to put an end to it

and bring people into close personal relationship with Himself,

the Holy Spirit, and the Father,

the same spirit still torments people to this day–

if they don’t know the truth.

Religion says, ‘You must find a way,

no matter how impossible it may seem.

You had better follow the rules or suffer punishment.’

But relationship says,

‘Do your best  because you love Me.

I know your heart.

Admit your faults, repents of your mistakes,

and just keep loving Me.'”

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”


My reflections:

This one reminds me of my Dad, because he often talked about the difference between religion and a personal relationship with Jesus and the heavenly Father. My Dad lived his life as an example of the Lord he served and had a personal relationship with, and was an earthly example of  the heavenly Father. Dad was not perfect, but close enough that he made an impression on me and formed the foundation and the direction of my life. And that’s why this blog is dedicated to him.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

What is your attitude toward religion vs. relationship with a higher authority in your life? Do you have (or have you had) someone in your life who influenced you in this area?


23 thoughts on “Religion vs. Relationship – October 17 Devotions

  1. I really believe what it says in the last quote. I had to suffer all the hardships I’ve gone through to learn enough to advance. My husband says he doesn’t believe in God, but he does, deep down. I maintain a private relationship with Him, thanking Him for every delight, like fruit in the morning and the honey on my porridge. I constantly ask for help in handling personal circumstances, knowing that some suffering is part of His plan. Love is everything.

  2. Early in life, I felt the skin of religious prejudice. I have not followed an organized religion for years, but the religion I was raised in does teach about having a personal relationship with the Lord,even as far as expressing anger or frustration. I am thankful for every day in which I wake up, the ability to walk, and the sight to see the beauty around me.
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  3. I hate religion, but I certainly love Jesus. After I gave my heart to the Lord, I found a church, and attended it for 17 years. The long days and 45 minute ride to and from took a toll on me. Plus I had not been happy there for quite a while due to so many rules and regulations. They kept telling everyone that if they weren’t properly released from that church, then the Lord couldn’t use them anywhere else, so after I left, I visited a few churches but really didn’t want to get involved in organized religion, nor did I feel it would be useful since I wouldn’t be used anywhere else (I now no longer think that way). I’d seen so much hypocrisy and sin in the church, too (not just my church), and I was tired of it. I did recently find a little fellowship church that I like, and I think it’s time to go to church again. But relationship will always be the most important thing!

  4. I am a very religious person – I happen to be a Catholic. The last quote about livng through things really hit home for me. I had a stroke 3 years ago and I was in my latteee 40’s – very healthy until then…I feel it has changed me only for the better. I was caight up in the business world and missed the everyday wonderful things…. I have had a lot of suffering but I wake up everyday – so I am not complaining

  5. I definitely agree with you about the attitude. If you have a positive attitude, you’ll see things in a better light.

  6. Ughhhh I’m a very spiritual person but it does drive me nuts when people use religion as an excuse for everything in life.

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