Refresh Yourself So You Do NOT Burn Out

Refresh Yourself So You Do NOT Burn Out

Christmas is almost here, and that means a lot of last minute flurries of activity to match the snow flurries we have been having here in Maine. Yesterday was one of those busy days when I barely had time to get online due to many offline demands on my time and attention.

So the post intended for yesterday is especially relevant. Take time to refresh yourself and meet your own needs so you don’t burn out and become physically or emotionally fatigued.



Onto the inspiration especially suitable during these final days before Christmas!


“Many people burn out because they don’t take time to refresh themselves. We feel such a need to give and do for others that we ignore our own needs or, worse, we feel guilty for even thinking about ourselves.


We need to be ministered to spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Each one of these areas is important to God; He made them, and He is interested in the well-being of all of them, including our physical and emotional needs.  


You are worth being cared for and don’t ever forget it. You have value, and you should make an investment in yourself.


Pray: ‘Lord, I believe that every aspect of my life is important to You, including how I care for myself. Help me to not think of myself too highly OR too lowly. Help me to be balanced. Amen.’”  


–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My reflection:


This one speaks to me, because I know I tend to be the caregiver to others, and ignore my own needs. I think that’s why I often end up sick and/or exhausted (maybe like right now!) It’s all about balance!


Ironically, this ties into criticism and correction you might encounter from those who question how you dare to think about doing something just for yourself–but you don’t need that negativity in your life when you’re merely trying to take care of yourself. Sometimes it’s healthier to walk away and remove those negative people, and their toxic input, from your life.


Others might try to offer correction (like my husband does to me!) about not trying to do everything for everyone, and instead getting enough rest and letting some things go.


So what are YOUR thoughts?


What do you think about meeting your OWN needs?


Do you think that’s selfish or necessary, as long as it’s done in a balanced way?




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