Reflections on Life and Death – July 11 Inspiration

Reflections on Life and Death – July 11 Inspiration

Reflections on life and death. As I mentioned in my July 7th post, this month marks the 5-year anniversary of my Mom’s departure from this life into her eternal reward in heaven, where she joined my Dad who passed away in 2002. July 11, 2011, was the day we laid her earthly body to rest next to my Dad’s at the Veterans Cemetery in New Hampshire.


Memories of Mom and Dad
                                Memories of Mom and Dad


An Air Force Honor Guard was present and performed a beautiful flag-folding ceremony with the flag from Mom’s casket (just as an Army Honor Guard did at our Dad’s service). Taps played in the distance by an unseen soldier.

One of the youngest soldiers kneeled and presented the flag to our brother. We all cried and even that young soldier had tears in his eyes as he thanked us for our Mom’s service to the country.


Gathering at Gilford Beach in NH.
           Gathering at Gilford Beach in New Hampshire.

That evening, after having a birthday party for my brother as Mom had wanted us to do (his birthday is July 11), we all went to Gilford Beach – where we all spent many summers as a family – and watched the sunset over Lake Winnipesaukee. It was a peaceful and soothing ending to an emotional day.


“He will lead us to the high country.

When the pasture is bare down here…

our Shepherd will lead us out of the flat lands.

He will take us to the mountain

by way of  the valley.

He will guide us to His house

through the valley of the shadow of death.

We all have to face death.

In a life marked by doctor appointments,

dentist appointments, and school appointments,

there is one appointment

that none of us will miss:

the appointment with death.

‘Everyone must die once,

and after that be judged by God’ (Hebrews 9:27).

BUT…I will fear no evil; for YOU are with me.” 

–Max Lucado in “Traveling Light”


My reflections:

Each time I reflect on the loss of a loved one, I feel emotions at opposite ends of the spectrum. I feel grieved, sad, and lonely without that person in my life. Yet I also rejoice over the time that person was part of my life, I reflect on the good times, and I look forward to some day seeing that loved one again when it’s my time for that final appointment.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you feel ambivalence in your feelings about losing a loved one?

Do you experience the same desire to see your loved one again after your final appointment on this earth?



32 thoughts on “Reflections on Life and Death – July 11 Inspiration

  1. I feel the same way about death. I always feel like I should be celebrating the death of a Christian because they’re partying with Jesus. Then I think about how much I’ll miss them.

  2. I often think of my father, but rarely on the anniversary of his death. It’s been 16 years. My mother is still living, and frankly, although she is in good health, she longs to join the love of her life. I already know I will miss her sorely.

    I’m sorry for that your mom’s physical presence is no longer part of your reality. I’m sure her presence is there for you in many, many ways.

  3. I do miss my grandma. It’s been 20 years since she went home. Yet there are still times when I long for just one more conversation. It was her time to move home and I know that she is rejoicing with other family members in God’s presence. One of her favorite songs is “Will the circle be unbroken?” It brings me joy to know that she is in heaven. Still, I miss her and look forward to the day when we can be together again.

  4. I am in total agreement with your reflections regarding my lovely mum who passed away almost a year ago.
    Thank you for the simplistic beauty of this post

  5. My Dad passed away on 14th July 2011 – just two days shy of his 92nd birthday, which we did celebrate. He had many friends and family who turned up to his funeral to farewell him.

    Glad we could all say goodbye to him.

  6. For me, it’s okay to mourn because that means that this person meant something to you and you’re just trying to make up for the loss. It eventually goes away as you celebrate the life you had with the person. I think they both come hand in hand.

  7. I always tend to look at death in a positive light. They are gone from this world but they are entering into another with light.

  8. Death can be a scary thing for some. I know that is was for me for a long time. I have just now come to terms that it can actually be a blessing.

  9. What a really emotional day. My husband had a similar experience. His cousin passed away in late June and he was laid to rest on his sister’s birthday. It was such an emotional day, he said. He knows what you went through. So sorry for your loss.

  10. Sorry for your loss. losing someone you love is never easy and the pain of their loss never goes, it just fades. I try to remember their happy times, the fun we had and the mischief we got up to.

  11. I do feel ambivalence about my daughter’s death and then my mothers. They are in the best place ever, yet my sadness is for me. It makes the pull of heaven so much stronger.

  12. Having recently come close to death myself recently following 3 heart attacks and a stroke, it makes you see things differently, today is a prime example, I attended my daughters University Graduation and had an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness because i’d been given the chance to be there and it could all have been so different

  13. Losing a loved one can always be tough. I still have a hard time after years of losing some loved ones. I just think about all the great times we’ve all had together. It gets me through the days.

  14. here’s a poem i wrote, might shed some light on where i’m at with this topic:

    “Un-aliveness of Death”

    Let the dead raise again,
    And Death I shall becometh, lay your smoky ring upon my finger.
    You are the entity of inevitable choice,
    And from Chaos we were all born. It’s what binds us, keeps us and forgets us…
    There is but only one face I would condemn all of my humanity.
    So I say this now. Yes, Hear Me!
    Bring me the Doors of thyself,
    So I may retrieve what was taken.
    Lay claim to my soul and punish my sin,
    But deny me none, for Death I shall becometh.

    by Alfonzo Words

  15. I hate to see a loved ones go but that’s life. They come and they go. What’s important is the cherished moments together!

  16. I have a hard time with death. I have lost 3 dear friends in the 2 years. I really struggle on a daily basis with it. I do try to just remember all of the good times I was able to share with them.

    The gathering at the beach was a peaceful close to the hard day.

  17. I wouldn’t say I feel ambivalence, because I do feel sadness and grief over death. However, I am unsure that there is anything to “see” after death.

  18. Losing the person you love really hurts. We must admit that. But let us look on the brighter side. And let’s be happy that they can rest now, peacefully.

  19. Ughhh death is definitely a tough thing to deal with. I haven’t lost a parent, but I did loose my brother a few years back :-/ definitely sucks

  20. Death is such a heavy topic for me. It’s been 3 years this month since my grandpa died. I miss him everyday. I’m sure you mom is happy wherever she is now.

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