Reflecting on Baby Steps and Small Beginnings

Reflecting on Baby Steps and Small Beginnings

Baby Steps


Small Beginnings


Have you ever pondered if those baby steps or small beginnings in your life will ever amount to anything? Whether it’s a personal goal or business venture, starting off  s  l  o  w  l  y  can sometimes be really discouraging.

That’s when I think about how I’ve watched my own children (and now my grandchildren) learn to walk. My almost 13-month-old granddaughter Lilly is just at that stage, taking those first tottering, uncertain steps – yet beaming with pride and confidence. No matter how many times she falls, she gets back up, and tries again.


Granddaughter Lilly learning to walk!



It’s a good lesson for us as adults!

Keep on keeping on, and eventually, we’ll get there. “Every failure brings  with it the seed of an equivalent success.”


Cross-stitch piece made by my mom-in-law … hanging on the wall above my desk!


Onto today’s inspirational thought…


“You are probably believing God for something to come to pass in your life. If you look, you will find evidence of a small beginning. God gives you seed–perhaps only a little, tiny seed–something that causes you to hope. Rejoice over that seed. It is a sign of greater things to come.


But if you don’t take care of what God gives you, you will lose it. You need to be content during the small things. You know the Lord is the Author and the Finisher (see Hebrews 12:2). What He begins, He completes (see Philippians 1:6).


Don’t curse your seed by complaining or proclaiming negative things over it. Instead, say, ‘Lord, this is only a little thing, but thank You for giving me some hope, something to hold on to. Thank You, Lord, for a beginning.” 


–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”


My Reflections


I often think about this idea of not despising small beginnings. Everything in life had to begin somewhere. I think back to how my youngest daughter announced her first pregnancy–I went to visit her and my son-in-law for the day, and my daughter said she had something to show me. She handed me a folded up napkin and told me to open it. Inside was an apple seed. I was perplexed, so she explained, “That’s about the size of your first grandchild right now.” THEN I was ecstatic! 🙂


So yes, everything has to begin some how, often as that tiny seed. And as long as we are thankful for these small beginnings and continue to nurture them, they will grow into bigger things that might seem scary and outside our comfort zone, at first. Sometimes it’s beneficial to reflect on older, established situations in our lives and remember how we got from point A to point B!



So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Have you ever wondered about a “small beginning”–if it would ever amount to anything?


Or are you able to reflect on how a now established relationship, career, or business began as a “small seed” many months or years ago?








9 thoughts on “Reflecting on Baby Steps and Small Beginnings

  1. Small steps are always the hardest, till you look behind you and see where you started and how far you have come. Thank you for the reminder that even the smallest step is taking you forward.

  2. I always wonder when it comes to blog that small beginnings of my blog is worth it. It took me a long time to get a following but I have seen that it is.

  3. First, can I tell you how much I enjoy your blog! Second, thank you for this post. I really needed to read this right now. Sometimes, when we are at those beginning stages and taking those first small steps it can be soooo discouraging because it seems all we do is fall, stumble, and we aren’t getting anywhere. But, as you’ve pointed out, we are! It is even in those small beginnings that growth occurs. We are getting better and flourishing and finding our legs. Thanks for this encouragement.

  4. This is such a great thought. We really need to go through the baby steps because that will help us towards the success of our lives. By the way, your granddaughter is so adorable in that picture.

  5. This is a great reminder for people! Thanks for the encouragement! I told myself this once upon a time when I started university with 5 kids ? I think instant gratification is so common that reminding people about baby steps is important 🙂

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