Receive Correction Confidently – April 9 Inspiration

Receive Correction Confidently – April 9 Inspiration

Receive correction confidently. Be honest–is your first reaction to that directive one of defensiveness and a quick “No way!” response?  Yet just as a child benefits from discipline in order to redirect him or her from making wrong choices, or simply to avoid getting hurt, we also need to receive constructive criticism and to maintain a disciplined life, in order to grow and improve ourselves.


Here’s your belated inspiration for April 9th and beyond…


“Ask yourself how you react

to correction or criticism.

Try to be honest in your evaluation.

Confident people who have validated themselves

as valuable, can receive correction without anger

or a defensive attitude.

Confident people can listen objectively

to another point of view.

They can pray about what is said

and either receive or reject it

according to what God places in their hearts.

It is wonderful to be able to approve of ourselves,

because we believe God approves of us,

even though others do not.

It is good to be humble enough

to receive correction,

yet confident enough not to let

the opinions of others control us.”

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”


My reflections:

This is a tough one and I know I haven’t always received correction well, because I have often felt personally attacked, instead of recognizing the issue is about a behavior and not me as a person. I still think some of the difficulty is HOW someone attempts to correct you!

I’ve had two people bring up the same issue to discuss with me, yet one comes across very critically and judgmentally, while the other has a more gentle spirit and corrects out of love and concern.

I know a lot of the ability to receive correction also depends on the level of self-confidence you have, and again, that’s an area I’ve struggled with in the past … but I’m happy to say it’s improving!


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Are you able to receive correction confidently?

Do you have enough self-confidence to know correction is about a behavior, and not about you personally?


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