Press Conference? With ME? March 28 Devotions

Press Conference? With ME? March 28 Devotions

As I continue to reflect on my near-death experience of 30 years ago… I should tell you that I am working on writing a book about it, finally. It has taken this long partially due to the difficulty in “reliving” that traumatic event. What I have been sharing in these blog posts is your “sneak peek” into that book, which I’ve tentatively entitled, “Angels in the Midst of the Flames.”

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I am convinced that indeed, the hand of God and His angels formed a barrier between me and the flames…because witnesses at the scene said as soon as I fell out that second-story window, flames shot out behind me! Yet I had not even been touched by the flames–no singed clothing, no burns–I still believe it was a miraculous intervention. I’m still not sure why I had to go through the extensive injuries and nearly die–other than to tell this story to proclaim the works of God and to reassure people when it’s not your time to go, no matter how serious the injuries or how close you are to death’s door, you will recover and go on to fulfill God’s purpose for your life.

In fact, the local news agency AND a statewide TV station asked permission to hold a PRESS CONFERENCE in my hospital room after I regained consciousness! That was quite the experience–it was then published in our local town paper AND shown on the news that night!

 In addition, in those days after I regained consciousness, people I didn’t even know stopped in to visit and tell me they had prayed for my recovery. Another memorable event was a grade school class going on a hospital tour peeking into my room while their teacher came in to deliver cards they had all made for me (one child was the daughter of a friend and I guess it was her idea). They had told their teacher they wanted to visit “that lady from the fire who saved her kids.”



“As human beings, we have a deep need to be understood. When we don’t receive it, we feel lonely. In listening to people share their hurt and pain, I find that the words ‘I understand’ have a very soothing effect.

One of my favorite scriptures in the Bible is Hebrews 4:15, which teaches that Jesus is a High Priest Who understands our weaknesses and infirmities because He has been tempted in every respect just as we have, yet He never sinned. Just knowing that Jesus understands makes me feel closer to Him. It helps me be  vulnerable and trust Him. It helps me feel connected rather than lonely.” 

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”  



“Lord, what a joy to know that I can draw near to You at any moment, wherever I may be…that I can come boldly to Your throne of grace, assured of Your glad welcome–not because I’m worthy or because I’ve served You, but because You’re a God of grace, a God of unmerited, unlimited favor–not little dribbles of favor reluctantly measured out, but overflowing, superabundant favor.

‘That You should allow Your creature to have fellowship with You is wonderful enough; but that You can desire it, that it gives You satisfaction and joy and pleasure, is almost too much for my understanding.’ [The Quiet Time].”  

–Ruth Myers in “31 Days of Praise” 


-1- This definitely means a lot to me. It is comforting any time someone genuinely cares enough to spend time listening and expressing understanding, and not judgment.

-2- It is amazing to think not only that we can enter the throne room of God without fear, to bring our prayers and concerns to Him–but even more astounding that He desires our fellowship. The Creator actually loves and enjoys His creations!


So what are YOUR thoughts? Do you feel better when someone takes the time to listen and let you know your concerns and feelings matter and are understood?

Does it every boggle your mind to think you can go to God any time and  that God desires fellowship with you?


8 thoughts on “Press Conference? With ME? March 28 Devotions

  1. I am in Columbia, South Carolina and have been seeing billboards on the Interstate advertising Joyce Meyer, who is coming to Columbia in April. Her quote is so true – we ache for someone to truly understand us, to listen and validate our experience (And you have an amazing smile in that hospital picture – simply amazing.)
    Alana recently posted..Meet Your CrematorMy Profile

  2. I’ve asked very similar questions about my own trials. “God, did I really have to walk through that to walk out Your plan for me?”

    Which is really just code for, “Why me?”

    Perhaps the question I should be asking is “Why not me?” Why should I be exempt from these experiences? What could God do through me, teach me, show me, or others through me if I didn’t have these experiences to draw from?
    Carrie Ann Tripp recently posted..Caffeinating CalamityMy Profile

  3. Hi K. Lee,

    I was just getting ready to respond to a comment you left on Amy Bovaird’s blog about my work. But I clicked onto your blog first and here I am. Although I don’t know anymore of your story other than what I just read in your article, it sounds so fascinating. Now, I’m curious about it. I know that I always want to know the “why” when something happens. But recently I’ve found some contentment in just being satisfied that I know the ONE who has the answers, Jesus, even if He’s not giving me any yet. Best wishes with your book. Now, I need to back to your comment on Amy’s blog. LOL

    Take Care,

    Matt Harris

  4. I love the thought of angels, and believe in them for all I’m worth. Yet I’ve never seen one. This doesn’t mean they don’t exist. How incredible that you were not burned or even singed in the flames. It is, indeed, a miracle.

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