Praise to Overcome Opposition – March 2 Inspiration

Praise to Overcome Opposition – March 2 Inspiration

Praise to overcome opposition. You probably know that misery loves company. Some people seem to make it their mission in life to make others as miserable as they are. These people carry a negative and toxic spirit around that afflicts others. That’s when you have to change gears and instead of allowing that negative spirit to oppose and afflict you, overcome it by focusing on the positive, counting your blessings, and praising God for those blessings.



It really is essential for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health to focus on the positive and count your blessings. And on this Women with Intention Wednesday, you can visit my fellow blogger Jenny’s blog and pick up your own self-care calendar for March.


Here is your inspiration for today …


“Many people never have a decent finish to their day

because they let the enemy keep them from starting it right.

Satan tries to capture our thoughts early in the morning.

He wants to get us thinking about all the wrong things

as soon as we wake up.

His intent is to steal our peace by upsetting us

 as soon as our alarm goes off.

He is always working to set us up

to get us upset.

That is why it is important to learn

how to defeat the devil early each day.

Every morning is a new opportunity

to start your day right.

Praise God as soon as your eyes open to a new day.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Starting Your Day Right”


My reflections:

I have found this to be true over and over again. Starting the day with praise and reflections on the blessings in my life–maintaining that attitude of gratitude and sharing it with others–makes the day go much better overall than when a negative gloom overwhelms me first thing in the morning and I allow it to continue, instead of overcoming it with praise and a positive focus.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Does your morning routine include focusing on praise and counting your blessings?

Are you interested in taking better care of yourself and tracking your habits to help you overcome bad ones and start new good ones?

Then make sure you visit Jenny at Women With Intention to download your self-care calendar for March  and learn about Jenny’s new Tracking Habits Bullet Journal so you can create your own version.



37 thoughts on “Praise to Overcome Opposition – March 2 Inspiration

  1. Such a beautiful post about an important thought/concept about happy and positive thoughts. The book “secret” portrays how to attract happy and positive thoughts in your life by thinking them. It is so important and yet ignored all the time!

  2. Whenever I feel down, I always think of the things I am thankful for. That makes me realize how truly blessed I am! Thanks for this faithful reminder. Happiness is not just a feeling, it can also be a mindset.

  3. My morning routine doesn’t involve praise or counting blessings. If we do blessings they’re usually with the kids after then bedtime prayers.

  4. I really love this quote, because it tends to be so true sometimes, “Satan tries to capture our thoughts early in the morning.” I find as soon as my brain starts to wake up worries start to weigh me down. But I find time on my way to work to take the time to talk to God. I helps calm me.

  5. The first thing I do is count my blessings when I wake up. 🙂 I used to have two toxic people in my family (both on my husband’s side). They ruined every event and were never pleasant to be around because like you said, they were only happy when others were miserable. It’s a sad thing, actually.

  6. So true!!! Always look for a positive in every situation!! There is always a hidden message somewhere.

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