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Positive Possibilities – December 2 Devotions


Here we are in the countdown to Christmas…23 days to go! I started my online shopping last month (I’m NOT a “Black Friday” shopper!) and I’m working on some Christmas crafts.  In the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, I think it’s important to focus on the positive aspects: Jesus, as the “Reason for the Season,” family, and traditions, which all add pleasure to this last month of the year.


Here are the devotional thoughts for this second day of December.


“Jesus came to open the prison doors

and set the captives free.

You will only begin to progress

when you start to believe

you can experience freedom.

You must have a  positive vision for your life–

a vision for a future

not determined by your past

or even your present circumstances.

Exercise your faith and take a positive look

at the possibilities God has planned for you.

Begin to ‘call those things that be not

as though they are’ (Romans 4:17).

Think and speak about your future

in a positive way,

according to what God has placed in your heart.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending  Your Day Right”


My reflections:

It does amaze me how different even a single day is depending on whether I have a negative or positive outlook on it. Positive is so much better! I like that emphasis on not letting negative thoughts control us.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you agree with the idea of positive thinking? Have you experienced the difference between positive and negative thinking?

More cuteness!

Little Thor napping with Miss Cali.
       Little Thor napping with Miss Cali.


  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I had my shopping done by 11/1 so I could focus on Christmas.

    02 . Dec . 2015
  2. tara pittman

    I better get started with my shopping and baking. Only 23 days, yikes!

    02 . Dec . 2015
  3. Mardene Carr

    Your thoughts…your thoughts…our thoughts…we have to learn to think positively

    02 . Dec . 2015
  4. Elizabeth O.

    That’s so true. Being an optimist doesn’t make you happy and giddy all the time because you don’t have bad thoughts. It just means you know how to control it.

    02 . Dec . 2015
  5. michelle

    when i am upset about something it is hard to choose to be positive but i can tell a difference in how much people want me around when i am being positive or being negative

    02 . Dec . 2015
  6. Liz Mays

    I can’t say positive thinking comes naturally to me. I’m too much of a realist, but if I make myself twist things in a positive way, it does have a great effect!

    03 . Dec . 2015
  7. tiaras and tantrums

    I have done nothing. this is so not me either – but I just feel like my family has so much already and we don’t “need” anything

    03 . Dec . 2015
  8. Vatsala Shukla

    I make it a point to treat each day as a new adventure and that in itself is positive thinking. Sometimes events take place that are outside of our control or completely unexpected but keeping calm and finding a positive point in it helps.

    03 . Dec . 2015
  9. victoria

    Yes i always in the positive thinking but the other would down me so sometimes i can think negative

    03 . Dec . 2015
  10. Ana De- Jesus

    Definitely positive thinking helps things run smoother in my opinion!

    03 . Dec . 2015
  11. Claudette

    I love that quote about positive thinkers having negative thoughts but not letting them control things. That is exactly my experience. Thanks for this post.

    03 . Dec . 2015
  12. Beverley Golden

    I agree that a day can make a big difference in our lives. As humans, we are meant to experience polarities, so it is okay to have days when you are being challenged to recognize the “negative” and see what steps you can take to flip that mood to positive. The weather plays a big part of this for me. On grey and dreary days, I have a harder time than on days the sun is out. I often go for a walk and enjoy nature (hopefully there are blue skies and clouds to watch), and generally that puts life into perspective. Or I have learned to observe what is behind the not so great mood as an opportunity to learn more about myself.

    03 . Dec . 2015
  13. Jessica Harlow

    Everybody has negative thoughts or circumstances. You’re right, it’s all about how you react and what you do with it that matters and affects the outcome.

    03 . Dec . 2015
  14. Lexie Lane

    I love the quotes, yes people who has positive has a negative thoughts too, they just don’t let to control them.

    03 . Dec . 2015
  15. Wendy

    I was told I’ve gotten better with age about being negative but lately I think I’m slipping back into old habits. I need to keep hearing this!

    03 . Dec . 2015
  16. Carol Cassara

    Positivity comes naturally to me, although I do have negative thoughts from time to time. I just beat them back!

    03 . Dec . 2015
  17. Shaylee

    I think positive thinking makes a huge difference! It changes your outlook on everything and the way you react to any situations. It makes my day a lot easier because I don’t get stressed about the little things 🙂

    03 . Dec . 2015
  18. Jeanette Mays

    Positive thinking is very important! It helps keep your mind and body healthy.

    03 . Dec . 2015
  19. MyTeenGuide

    Yes, I agree with the idea. I try to surround myself with positive people and avoid negative people.

    03 . Dec . 2015
  20. Tamuria

    I love that you’ve pointed out positive people still have negative thoughts, they just deal with them differently. I consider myself a positive person but there are times negativity sneaks its way into my thoughts and then I work hard to ensure it is a very temporary visitor. You cats are gorgeous – they look so content.

    03 . Dec . 2015
  21. Eileen Kelly

    You are so right, optimistic people are so much more peaceful. I love Christmas and I love to focus on tradition and faith rather than gifts

    03 . Dec . 2015
  22. Nicole Escat

    I always look on the positive sides ‘coz when I think the negative side it would be a great distraction to me.

    03 . Dec . 2015
  23. Angie Scheie

    Does Romans 4:17 say that? Well, I’ll definitely have to take that verse to heart and maybe even make it my verse for next year. I really struggle with the balance between being positive and also letting God work his will. I know that not everything I want he wants for me. Yet I could definitely be more positive!

    03 . Dec . 2015
  24. Jasmine Watts

    That’s so true!! Positive thinking is important to keep our mind and body healthy.

    04 . Dec . 2015
  25. Rosey

    I’m one who has been called a Polly Anna many times in life. Even after getting knocked down by life a lot of times. Now though, I think I’ve learned my lesson. Life is too hard to be positive all of the time, but doing your best to keep positivity front and center really can help a lot.

    04 . Dec . 2015
  26. Dhemz Apdian - Dias

    what a great way to remind ourselves what December is all about. Thanks for sharing the positive vibes!

    04 . Dec . 2015
  27. Lauren

    Positivity is everything! Even on the worst days, as long as you are alive there is always something to smile about. It is a skill you have to learn to focus on the positive

    04 . Dec . 2015
  28. Rebecca Swenor

    I do so believe in positive thinking. It really does play a part in the out come of things in your life. My mother beat all the odds the past couple months after her massive heart attack. It was because we all helped each other to stay positive even with the worst of odds. She is still with us today because of faith and because of all the positive energy around her.

    05 . Dec . 2015

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