Plans, Praise, Potential, and Purpose – Part 2 – August 23 Inspiration

Plans, Praise, Potential, and Purpose.  This is part 2 of the post from yesterday.

It’s so important to remember that very often when you think you have things all figured out, LIFE happens to change your plans! AND there’s always a reason, even if we can’t see it at the time!



Now onto your Tuesday inspirational thoughts.


“It takes discipline to balance your life.

Examine your life today,

and do what is needed to bring balance

to the way you use your time.

If you have been asking God to lead you

in the way you should go,

you will have a sense of purpose building in you.

You can ask God to help you

plan your day, your week, and your life.

I encourage you to write down the things

that God imprints on your heart to do.

Writing the vision,

and placing it where you can routinely see it,

will help settle the plan God puts inside of you.

Life without purpose is vanity.

Today is an opportunity

to willfully and deliberately seek God

with the intent to know Him better

than we knew Him yesterday.

Today we can deliberately move forward

with the intent to accomplish

good things for the kingdom.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Starting the Day Right”


My reflections:


Balance is the key to life…working on balancing and fulfilling my purpose in my life – ongoing endeavor!



So what are  YOUR thoughts?


Is your life balanced as you plan to discover or fulfill your purpose in life?



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