Plans, Praise, Potential, and Purpose – Part 1 – August 22 Inspiration

Plans, Praise, Potential, and Purpose – Part 1 – August 22 Inspiration

The last half of August, so far, has been much more pleasant in terms of weather. Less humid, with many bright, sunny days and accompanying light breeze.  How’s the weather in your part of the world?


This is a two-part post – this one belatedly for Monday – because just when you think you have things all figured out, LIFE happens to change your plans! The other will be for Tuesday ( today) -stay tuned!




Now onto your belated Monday inspirational thoughts.


“Potential cannot manifest without form.

To develop potential properly,

you must have a plan and pray over that plan,

you must have a purpose,

and you must be doing something.

Many people are unhappy

because they aren’t doing anything

to develop their potential.

In fact, many of them never

develop their potential

because they don’t do anything except complain

that they’re not doing anything!

If you want to see your potential

developed to its fullness,

don’t wait until everything is perfect.

Do something now.

Start laying your hand to whatever is in front of you.

You cannot start at the finish line.

You must start at the beginning like everybody else.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”


My reflections:


This one is so fitting right now,  as I endeavor to continue this educational journey toward fulfilling my potential with my Doctor of Education degree…and as I consider my next steps!



So what are  YOUR thoughts?


What are you doing to fulfill your potential?


Is it time to change course?




3 thoughts on “Plans, Praise, Potential, and Purpose – Part 1 – August 22 Inspiration

  1. Firstly, as answer to your weather question: It’s super hot over here in Southern Germany at the moment (around 36°C).

    Secondly, at the moment I try everything to fulfill my potential with writing applications, doing voluntary work and running my blog. But life tends to get in my way…

    But I love your posts – they’re motivational and always give me a little bit of perspective back.

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