1. Elizabeth O.

    I make sure I work hard first before I “party harder”, less worries when you know you’ve finished all your tasks for the day!

    Dread is a feeling that let’s us realize that we are still human, but it should be followed with Faith otherwise, it might lead to path that’s not so good for you.

  2. I’ve learned to cut myself slack, Karen, otherwise I would be completely derailed from my routine by unexpected events. Like today, when I sat down to do some serious work but had to go downstairs and move my car because one of the neighbors was going to get a window replaced and they were worried that something might fall on my car.

    It was annoying but I am grateful that they thought of me and it gave me time off to get away from my desk which meant more productive work because I got a chance to take a break.
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  3. We often spend more time thinking about avoiding a task then the task actually takes. For example, it took me 2 years to write up my operating agreement for my company and I wrote that item on my to-do list every week for that entire time. But once I made the commitment to actually do it, I had it done in 30 minutes. Whenever I get stuck in avoidance mode, I remind myself of this.

    As for dogs who get out, we have one who is a true escape artist. We once got out 5 times in one day. We, too, were filled with dread when he first started doing this for fear we wouldn’t see him again (he is really cute and very friendly), but we’ve since learned that he always comes back so we don’t usually even bother looking for him. In fact he got out yesterday and I realized it when I saw him standing on the front walk.
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  4. I dread visits to the doctor and dentist for routine checkups! Other than that, my life is fairly dread-free! As I age, my worries have decreased for myself, but I do worry a lot about the well-being of my two adult children! I DO put off doing simple tasks that I dislike forever (it seems!)

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