Overcome Doubt and Indecision – September 1 inspiration

Overcome Doubt and Indecision – September 1 inspiration

Overcome doubt and indecision. Perhaps easier said than done, yet we can get a lot further in life if we learn how to accomplish these things. Being confident and actively making decisions–and acting on them–can likewise help us go further toward accomplishing goals in life.



Now onto today’s inspiration for the first day of September; a good one to take into this new month and act on it!


 “Whatever the problem or situation,

decision is always better than doubt and indecision.

For example, if you have had a quarrel with someone,

it is much easier to decide to apologize

than it is to stay angry and be filled

with unforgiveness, bitterness, and resentment

while you are waiting for the other person

to apologize to you.

Become a decisive person,

and you will accomplish a lot more with less effort.

Learn from your mistakes,

correct the ones you can

and continue being decisive.

Don’t fall back into a pattern of indecision

and double-mindedness

just because you are wrong a few times.

Devote a reasonable amount of time

to waiting on God.

Don’t follow fleshly zeal, but do follow your heart.

You will not be the first person to make a mistake,

nor will you be the last.

The fear of failure keeps thousands

trapped in indecision,

which definitely steals joy and complicates life.

Don’t be afraid to make a decision

and follow through with it. Just do it!”  

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”



My reflections:

It is weird how often fear interferes with making decisions; yet it’s true that fear, indecisiveness, and negativity are so draining on us, in every aspect of our lives! Learning from mistakes is such a valuable lesson of life!


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you struggle to make decisions for fear they might be the wrong ones?

Do you agree there’s value in learning from our mistakes?



One thought on “Overcome Doubt and Indecision – September 1 inspiration

  1. A while back, I learned that indecision is a decision. It is a decision where you give up any control you may have had. And, as you also point out, you have to own your decisions – never blame others if they go wrong. That is something I was guilty of, too. Sometimes, still am.

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