On Giving and Receiving – December 3 Devotions

On Giving and Receiving – December 3 Devotions

My gratitude continues throughout the year, not just in November, and today I am thankful circumstances are considerably better this year for the Christmas season than they have been for the past 3 years or so.

I’m working on getting out and putting up decorations, playing Christmas music, preparing to wrap presents that have started arriving from online shopping… really looking forward to family gatherings during this giving season this year!  After all, God loved us so much that He GAVE His only Son, the Reason for this Season we celebrate this month (regardless of the date’s historical inaccuracy!)


Here are today’s devotional thoughts.

“Do you get mad every time somebody tries to correct you,

or tell you what to do,

because you always have to be right?

You cannot change others,

but you can allow God to change you

so things don’t bother you any more.

With Jesus Christ as your Savior,

you can learn how to live  a different way.

You can have peace. You can sleep well at night.

You can like yourself.

You can restore relationships that have been ruined.

Your mind can be renewed…

If you read His Word and ask Him

to help you live the abundant life

He came to give you (see John 10:10).”

–Joyce Meyer in “Starting Your Day Right”


My reflections:

Yes, I confess…I sometimes waver between feeling hurt or feeling offended when someone tries to correct me, or control me in some way. Actually, when it comes to reacting to or receiving correction gracefully, a lot depends on the person and his or her delivery. I’ve had the experience of two different people delivering the same comments, and it was much easier receiving correction from the one who was kind and loving, than the one who was rude and condescending.


So what are YOUR thoughts?


Do you find it easy or difficult to receive correction from someone, or even to discuss a “touchy”subject?


If you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah this month, what are your favorite parts of the season?



Cuteness  x  3 !

All 3 new babies napping together: Loki, Thor, and Minnie.




18 thoughts on “On Giving and Receiving – December 3 Devotions

  1. I have no problem receiving criticism from people I don’t really know – but if it’s from people I absolutely love… Then it gets hard! It’s weird but true!

  2. When we give and don’t expect anything in return, that’s the most rewarding feeling ever. Thanks for the wonderful read!

  3. as an actress i’m learning to get good at receiving criticism and also tell the difference between good and bad comments. sometimes i assume when I’m asked “can you read that differently” or am given some type of a redirect it doesn’t always mean that the first way was bad just that they also want to see something else. i also used to doubt whether or not I was actually able to give what they wanted on demand but after getting compliments on how fast & how well I can take direction I feel more confident in auditions. I have also really taken to heart that just because I accept a compliment with a smile doesn’t make me conceited just appreciative
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  4. so agree heard a story like this recently where in the crowd of friends God was talking to the one complaining It is not always the need to change our friends but God can change us if we let him

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